• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

M777 Howitzer – War in Ukraine

17 thoughts on “M777 Howitzer – War in Ukraine”
  1. All YOUR WARs in the USA were all done and plotted by Li Hsien Loong with WONG kan Seng, CHANs tied to Chan Sek keong, TAN Chuan Jin, Melvin YONG Yik Chye, NG Joo Hee, they are the same ones behind drug trafficking, prostitute trafficking and robberies with escorts hired by them to impersonate CCTVs, your two terms of WARs were all done by the SINGAPORE POLICE in frauding and theft with hookers escorts hired by them to impersonate CCTVs, to fund themselves out of poverty, they have been stealing things and harassing for money, ALL your WARs were done by the Clementi Head quarters, Jurong HQ and nearby stations bukit Panjang and more. Li plotted all your wars with his Cabinet MINI STERs since early90s till present. Li plotted all your WARs with Elizabeth2 and her indian with Fann WONG, Jeanette AW, Kate Middleton and Megan Markle it was done to fund Obamas presidency for two terms, that's is they plotted your WARs for two terms, looted out your own tax payers CASH to fund your OWN WARs then repeat it again during the pandemic. Your WARs were all done by Elizerbeth2 family with Li Hsien Loong family and ministers police in drugs, prostitute trafficking and robberies tied to WONGs, NGs with Li inside CalCarries, MediaCOP with NU$ with LIN-YIH, Poh hock guan, Wayne Li , Sadon Suraiman.

  2. There is nothing for us to admire today but the dreadful symphonies of the shrapnels and the mad sculptures that our inspired artillery molds among the masses of the enemy.

    -Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

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