• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Photos and video of a train carrying T-54/55 series tanks appeared in the Russian Far East. Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) …


38 thoughts on “Russian T-54/55 Tanks Spotted in Far East | Another Soviet Antique Headed To Ukraine Warzone?”
  1. The T54/55 series has 3 things going for it. First any mechanic who understands Suck,Squeeze,Bang,Blow and is good with a welder can keep it going. Second with the numbers produced lots of tanks to steal spare parts from. Last if all your enemy has is a machine gun it's good enough. Will it stand up to todays anti tank weapons is another question.

  2. You are all wrong. T 54. – 55 will not be used in tank to tank battles. No tank need to go where the Western tanks and weapons are. They will go where they are least expected where there are no enemies or or only infantry and logistics. Russia is not Poland where the polish went to fight German tanks on horse back.

  3. Quantity has a quality of it's own and 2000 tanks can fire alot of shells. They are armoured mobile large caliber weapons that can cause alot of damage. They're being retrofitted with additional armour packages.

  4. Be in as much danger from blowing up breaches as you would with enemy return fire, yikes. There is a reason you see people in the middle east that use these old tanks, choose to fire them via outside with a pull cord like arty pieces…..not in the heat of combat.

  5. if they land a hit at the base of the barrel, tracks – it could still render the enemy MBT useless. Against APCs, SPGs, trucks or fortifications they are still lethal

  6. they are going to the militias forming in donbas region, pro russian are a plenty there and we hear 0 about it
    lol the lies in this war are huge, like nazi germany huge.
    makes u wonder who the real good guys are here

  7. I don't care how old they are. They're armored behemoths that fire massive tank rounds and the Russians have hundreds of them. At minimum, they can make great defensive gun emplacements.

  8. These tanks may be old but swarms of these will overwhelm Ukraine defenses. While they are no match for modern tanks, they can easily kill Bradleys or any other vehicle.

  9. Perhaps, these are meant to be deployed as artillery pieces at a distance from the front lines where armour protection, optics, and speed are less of a concern. Barrels wear out and up to now, russia has been using their more modern tanks as artillery support. This may allow them to reduce the wear on their better tanks.

  10. Meanwhile Ukraine is receiving leopards and Abrams and challengers Putin should accept he's not gonna win and no one else needs to die not even the Chinese will help him. stay in your own country

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