• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Russian warship destroyed in occupied port of Berdyansk, says Ukraine – BBC News

A Russian landing ship has been destroyed and two other boats have been damaged in the occupied Ukrainian port city of …


32 thoughts on “Russian warship destroyed in occupied port of Berdyansk, says Ukraine – BBC News”
  1. Russian soldiers should throw down their weapons and go home. Why should you die for Putin's dream of reviving an old dead empire? You've already lost, throw down your weapons and walk home or get carried home. Slava Ukraine

  2. We need to have an emergency meeting, with Ukraine and the NATO alliance, with India, and Turkey and Israel. To end this this unfounded War, before it turns into a Nuclear Armageddon!

    Mr. Putin, has been calling all of the shots so far and look at what he’s done, and this is far from his first deadly Rodeo. His Generals and trusted men, they all know, that this guy, cares for no one else, well maybe his Dogs. His men, are not going to allow him, to use Nuclear bombs of any type! They are not going to allow him, to murder all of there family’s and friends, in a Nuclear war! If he orders a Nuclear strike, that will be the last order he will ever give, it will be over for him, or maybe all of us. So why do the Russian Leaders, keep this deadly charade going. 80% of the Russian people, believe his Lies. His circle of men have been helping him, to keep it alive. These same men,
    are currently preparing for there exit strategy’s. There comes a time, when enough is enough no more Lies. The Russian leaders need to hear a very strong and very serious message, one that that Russia cannot ignore. We need to put all of NATO, in attack positions. Then tell the Russian Gov., that this war is now over, no more charades. They must be clear, that this is in the name of Peace for a War, that will only create more dead, that’s the only thing that will be achieved, death!Moscow must, in the name of Peace, withdraw all of its troops from the Ukraine as soon, as possible! This, in no way, will be seen, as a surrender from either country; but a call to truth life and peace. The end to an extremely deadly mistake! A cease fire must take effect Immediately. Have all Russian submarines emerge and “peacefully defuse”, if they try to leave there locations, they will be stopped. We are sure that none of us, wants Armageddon and right now, we are all staring in the eyes of Armageddon. Instead of our actions, of destroying mankind, this should be a lesson, for all of us, that mankind is very fragile! This can be the start of a 2nd chance, for all humanity. Let it begin now, we can untangle this knot, or we can choose to unleash, all that is evil, With Annihilation!
    It’s either this choice, or an all out war with Ukraine and NATO forces, Is imminent, to put this unfounded war to and end.

  3. Let’s all stand up against Russia. Let invade them and really put them in their place. We know where there nukes are so let’s hit them first and take over Moscow and break Russia up handing parts out to Ukraine, Finland and china.

  4. Ukraine should thinking of retaliation. By creating damages to russian's military pivot infrastructure.. It's frustrating that what all they did were defensive. Sinking moskva was not even impressive.

  5. Trump was cultivated in America by both Russia and China. America used Trump as a spy to find out what Russia and China were up to during a world pandemic. America finds Trump-Putin-Xi as being a world mafia. America/NATO will deal with all three Kings wanting world POWERS! You can't make dictators out of Kings! Power to the people!

  6. I couldn't believe Ukraine's president made the comment that we know they won't forgive us. Forgive you? They've been relentlessly bombing your citizens for a month, murdering and raping women and children, murdering elderly people sir!

    Who cares about their damn ship? That same ship has been sitting off Ukraiine's coast firing cruise missiles into your cities killing innocent people. Hell, it needed to be sunk. That's war. Russia started this war but has the nerve to be mad about their ship being sunk. Hell, more of them that are sitting out there firing missiles need to be sunk too.

    Leave these people alone and you won't have to worry about your ships being hit. The audacity of acting like its ok to attack a country who has done nothing to your country and not expect them to fight back.

  7. I bet Putin felt that one. He is going to start using nukes soon. Its the only way he can redeem himself. His so called milatary are pathetic, and he knows it. I think ww3 is unavoidable.

  8. Russia is losing very expensive military hardware. If I’m the USA I’m moving a nuclear capable ship in the sea… If he dares fire a nuke we will end his existence

  9. Putin and traitors like Trump and his cult will not win this war. More needs to be done so Ukraine will not continue to suffer. The west cannot sit back and let Ukrainian people die at the hands of evil. Hitler should have been stopped when he invaded Poland. The west needs to start flying fighter jets and hitting Russian hardware. Stop this war. It's not just a war on Ukraine it's a war against evil.

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