• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Undated footage released by soldiers from Ukraine’s armed forces shows fierce battles at Hell’s Crossroads in Bakhmut. Read the …


20 thoughts on “Ukraine releases footage of fierce battles in Bakhmut”
  1. These guys seem to be fighting as individuals, Looks more staged, from my experience a well drilled unit would of a leader of these guys working together, sitting out in the open firing like that is just asking for it, what is his commander doing?

  2. Russia will send hundred of thousand of soldiers to their deaths in that include prison inmate,ethnic Minorities ,religious fanatics to the frontlines no matter how long it takes the west underestimate the stubbornness and determination of russians another human wave will come to bakhmut in the next month for sure

  3. Херои, только и умеют воевать в городах , прикрываясь мирными жителями, мародеры ,проживающие в квартирах уехавших людей

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