• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UKRAINIAN forces wipe out THREE Russian tanks with artillery and drone strikes near Kupyansk. In this footage, Russian tanks …


25 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery and drones wipe out THREE Russian tanks near Kupyansk”
  1. Perished instantly….Putin is cunning. He is not sending his own people to the frontlines. He is sending minority muslims to the frontlines. Most probably these are our muslim comrades. May they go to paradise. Amin. Even if İ support Ukraine İ m also sorrowful for the müslim brothers who perish in this damned war

  2. Hum….As U guys Succinctly stated… It's a Wipe Out…In Surfer's linga. It means the wave has take U out… Hahaa… I.e. U Gotta start again… Whooohaaa… Hahaa

  3. Despite the Russian are the aggressors, I feel also that these Russians soldiers, most of them are conscripts, with barely any training are also to be pitied. They are forcefully put in a fight they most likely not even want to be. These video's look all fun and game, with bombs falling on soldiers from drones, but we are talking here about human lives. That single person getting hit by a bomb, who leaves now behind his widowed wife, his parents, and maybe his children as well. These soldiers are not really to blame, there is only one prime responsible and that is Putin. That guy has to be brought to The Hague and be trialed for war crimes.

  4. Even In a million years, I would NEVER tire of seeing toilet-stealing, orc terrorist douchebags getting wasted from above. Why would I? Why would anyone? Best wishes to all Ukrainians from England.

  5. It is said that Ukraine drones and artillery smashed Russian tanks it's the NATO allies doing that if anything like that happens , but the Russians soon teach them a lesson

  6. Ukrainians target tanks and soldiers. Russian terrorist invaders target apartment buildings, homes, shopping malls, theaters, and electric power plants to freeze to death civilians.

  7. And this is Ukraine doing this to the “mighty Russian bear”, with a relatively small amount of western weapons. Imagine the carnage if the US took them on. It’d be over in weeks. Still hard to believe the Russian people haven’t done something about Putin. He is putting tens of thousands of Russian sons in the ground all for his vanity.

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