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What Russia Will Do After the War in Ukraine Ends #russia #ukraine #war #putin


Mar 24, 2023


22 thoughts on “What Russia Will Do After the War in Ukraine Ends #russia #ukraine #war #putin”
  1. Unless Russia wins in Ukraine, they have no further defenses against the USA, but one. We all know what that is, and unfortunately for the USA, Russia is way ahead on delivery methods of nuclear weapons. The USA will be destroyed.

  2. I sometimes wonder why does the eurooean union let america walk them like dogs and defend america for war crimes.

    I think that usa and russia should be equal and accept their war crimes just like other countries.

  3. the question is what would the 1492 shylocks Republic will do after the 1812 Zalenski Napoleonic war version 2023 & the polish coalition. The merchant bankers shylocks of 1776 are no longer needed & the worlds economies are changing a lot more than what the FED ever imagined and even the fellow who claimed give me control of the currency & I do not care who makes the laws. The psychological American animal farm is now collapsing & the problem can be detected however the solution is on the minds something that is quite difficult to repair fix even understand it, therefore it is the surroundings the habitat perception once change into another concept it can give a the possibility of time to take its time leading to the understanding of the white house residents bankers shylocks & entrepreneurs the possibility to reflect on a calm apace economical environment.!!

  4. "They might just keep going"

    Most of their Military is already destroyed

    mass protests

    Commanders executed

    Putin's own inner circle already turning against him

    NATO Militarizing

    Economy in trouble

  5. Russia needs to choose either democracy or federation, that is keeping the colonies in its composition. The third is not given … Russia must let go of the colonies, this is the price of democracy. You have to pay for everything, so did Great Britain, so did Holland, so did Denmark. Moscow should become only Muscovy, and not Yakutia, Dagestan, etc., and this is money, you need to choose – freedom or gold …

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