• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

David Petraeus on the war in Ukraine and the relationship between Russia and China | DW News


Mar 25, 2023

In an interview with DW’s Washington bureau chief Ines Pohl, US Army general (ret.) David Petraeus said that Ukraine should be …


12 thoughts on “David Petraeus on the war in Ukraine and the relationship between Russia and China | DW News”
  1. Vladimir Lenin suffered from mental illness, he believed that representative democracy was an illusion of true democracy and served to maintain the bourgeois dictatorship. He cited the United States as an example of a bourgeois dictatorship. In his opinion, both parties of the US two-party system were run by "smart billionaires." The predictions of the perfection of socialism turned out to be wrong. Lenin's illness consisted in the fact that strong fear pushed him to crime on a large scale. People with level limited anxiety never commit crimes. And if the leader of the state is mentally ill, it only gets worse and worse… 🙁 (A085)

  2. Wonder what USA would've done if Russia had given Osama bin laden jets/tanks during our beef with al qeada . These guys gonna get us in nuclear war. Fellow citizens will protest/march over pro nouns & abortion, but not for negotiating peace before we all die in WW3. People forget, these us officials have a plan for their survival in an all out nuclear conflict. They haven't planned for citizen safety. Hiding under a desk won't help us. Ukraine govt was bombing its own citizens for years because they wanted to be part of Russia n no one did anything about it. Accept Putin. Yeah, he's a killer, so was bush n Obama, we forget or like most Americans don't know the history.

  3. F16 is a dual-purpose fighter strike fighter. However, this is not an air war. This is kinetic artillery war. Also, the Russia Air defense will be overwhelming

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