• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Video footage shows mighty Ukrainian artillery action during heavy live fire training exercises including the 2S7 Pion, Msta-B and …


37 thoughts on “Mighty Ukrainian Artillery Action During Heavy Live Fire Training: 2S7 Pion, Msta-B, D-20”
  1. If Putin wanted security he could have just take Luhansk, Donbas and Crimea. Instead he wanted to take over the whole of Ukraine. Putin is killing civilians using banned weapons cluster bombs, thermobaric bombs, missiles on civilian population destroying water, electricity, sanitation, hospitals, schools infrastructure and not military targets to terrorize civilian population. If Putin's objective is take eastern Ukraine for Russian security than why the push on Kyiv. Putin could have easily met his objective by simply occupying Donbas, Luhansk and Crimea instead of a costly war with huge loss of life to take over all of Ukraine. The arguments presented does not make any sense unless seen through the lens of a dictator with grandiose plans of conquest as Napoleon, Hitler.

  2. Ukrainian artillery has proven to be very effective in shelling humanitarian corridors. They have 2 gains from that action 1. they blame the Russians for shelling civilians 2. They discourage civilians from leaving the war zone so they can use them as a human shield from Russian attacks. I spent my childhood in the war, I am immune to war propaganda

  3. The G6 Rhino from South Africa outguns the S7 Pion, Msta-B, D-20 by 26km and can deliver 5 rounds MRSIand can get anywhere twice as fast and still have fuel to burn. Pity we won't see them on the Ukrainian side as the Commie-aligned ANC government sides with Putin, Madiba must be cringing again iin heaven…

  4. Ucrânia aceita estrangeiros com e sem faculdade nas forças armadas entre 36 e 45 anos de idade? Para qualquer ramo militar; artilharia, operador de rádio, batalhão de blindados, infantaria mecanizada e etc…?

  5. Holy shit I’d hate to be on the receiving end of those monsters.. but also curious to know what mayhem happens (sounds, impacts, aftermath) when used against live enemies

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