• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Russia releases dramatic footage of tanks raining ‘hell-fire’ on trapped Ukrainian soldiers | Watch


Mar 25, 2023

The Russian Defence Ministry has released dramatic footage of an armoured group of airborne combat vehicles BMD-2K-AU, …


34 thoughts on “Russia releases dramatic footage of tanks raining ‘hell-fire’ on trapped Ukrainian soldiers | Watch”
  1. The US has fought many wars, but mainly against weak forces with low military gear, russia is up against ukraine backed up by the whole NATO and it's doing great ! This only should tell you a lot

  2. Do he was in an elite be line o contact group bioengerrs wow Americanns ate so rich the can send thi specialized people to dongrantbso dongou ha generals digging trenches and burning shit duty what sn Army full trcprct right thete I bet. Yor elige figheyr fifgters would make grate patrys instrad of easting their time hitting targets they could bake amazong thingd fo the troops moral imagine the boosy of the moralty would trough the rough, Americans so cleve invenvinle so outbof the box.

  3. they are scared…thats why they are shooting uncontrolled into the trees. russia couldnt do shit for over a year now. they will lose and nato will f them up. you are all lost in your minds believing russia is winning. just check what they annexed, how many soldiers they are losing every day. its pathetic. their army is gone for good. they got nothing to offer anymore. putin will fail and the rest of the world keeps on going. hindustan times is right wing nonsense just part of the ruzzia trolls. its too funny! kiev is still standing after ONE year! ruzzia army is the worst of the worst.

  4. NATO my foot, they r betraying Ukraine. Poor Ukrainian soldiers fighting for their last breath, cheater US and their allies promise them for helping in weapons etc but here Ukraine face Russia tanks, artillery etc wit a small weapons they face…Good job Russia teach them a lesson to Ukraine

  5. I have observed this many times , can anyone tell me why Indian people always support Russians ? Why they think of them as Allies ? I think US can offer them better in economical prospects you dumbs

  6. I don't understand how Hindustan Times enjoys such bloodbaths by adding filmy music, orchestrated by making it more entertaining to people than communicating the bloody news where citizens has been getting traumatized in both the countries.

    I don't know what ethics of journalism holds, but making someone's pain as an entertainment is nothing but a reflection of utter insensitivity towards people's condition.

  7. Main Stream Media only shows videos with the Ukranians bombing Russian soldiers using drones or killed Russian soldiers.
    Apparently they want people think Ukranian army is beating Russia.

  8. WOW!! Can you imagine being on the receiving end of 30mm & 23mm fire!?? Not to mention the howitzer! Awesome display of firepower by the Russians. Go Russia!

  9. Fuck russia you will lost dis war because god knows u putin is a murderer..u invade a peacefull country.. cursed you and the people who supports ur evil plan

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