• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

According to reports, a Russian A-50 Mainstay surveillance plane was destroyed in explosions at Machulishchy airfield in Belarus.


38 thoughts on “Russian A-50 Blown Up In Belarus Airfield? Why This May Be A Big Setback To Putin Amid Ukraine War”
  1. Wir unterstützen Putin,die Ukraine sollte fallen und wieder zuzum Russenreich gehören.Solange es nicht so weit ist wird mein Frau die Soldaten aufrüsten,was die Schweiz angeht solange meine Frau das macht darf Sie alles machen.,Da Ihr Geld etc.Jachten, Autos sind alles momentan in Nord Zypern,aber meine Frau hat einige Insel , die das Geld , Waffen etc.beschützt.Danke da diese für uns arbeiten mit einem guten Lohn auch der Präsident hat nur als P.Ja oder nein zu Drücken.

  2. Apart from the film by the drone, no attack took place and the plane wasn't destroyed.
    Altough I am firmly behind Ukraine, i don't understand why crux is so sensation seeking and totally inaccurate in a lot of it's coverage…

  3. Sabotahe yang weiga ninyo tuloy tuloy na ninyo para magkaalaman na.puro kayo porma huwag kayo titigil tapos hihingi kayo ng ayuda sa ginugulo ninyo mga hudas.lalo nyong pinhihirap ang bayan.mga traidor hhwag kayo aalis ng klsada lara tuloy ang bayad ninyo.hanggang maubos a g pambayad sa inyo.tapos hihingi kayo ng tulong sa gobyerno.mga tamad.

  4. What a bull shit video, how can we take it serious, damaged, destroyed, damaged, destroyed which is it, you repeated both, it can't be both. I do hope it is destroyed but you are not making yourself look very believable or helping your cause by posting misleading articles.

  5. I am Spartacus, I will destroy them all, the World has no use for these Tools or the People that use them, Putin will only see the internal Walls of his Bumker, His life is over off to The Hague can be his only visit outside the Bunker

  6. I believe it was one of the US secret defense satellite equiped with laser beam directed down at the Russian Spy Plane. It's why China sending ballons likely already having one of their secret spy planes shot down from space a year back. The US Space Force is no joke but a real defense system of the latest space tech weapons of a laser attack which can wipe out all electronics on a plane or even the new heat wave laser. If this is true, Russia and China knows it will be an obstacle of sending nukes from afar and just bluffing as a cover up of knowing their chances of target hits are slim due to possible defense system from US Space Force.

  7. Who killed possibly 1000s of Ukrainian people over the last year should be the most important question here. Fuck putting and his plane, may they both rest in hell one of these days. Better sooner than later.

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