• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

A major fire reportedly broke out at a factory that manufactures equipment and engines for the Russian Army. The inferno started …


18 thoughts on “Sabotage Or Accident? Russian Factory That Makes Nuclear Missile Engines Catches Fire Ukraine War”
  1. Thats a good moves for Ukrain if can maintain well and locate, attack all putin's vital weakness part to paralize Putin's and never get-up anymore thats a good tikniques.

  2. See I told you guys. Ever time Boris and Natasha complete smokers anonymous something Russia catches fire. And don;t get me started on those second rate Russia windows or stairs. Gee I hope the Kremlin has its fire insurance paid up. Though I don't think that insurance companies pay during an act of war opps I mean a special military bs……

  3. Human civilization suicide is a reality when nuke war era achievement.. Human Sustainable Erotic Sex Earth Paradise Philosophy with global AI tech achievement is alternative solution. to eliminate human suicide lust with nuclear wars" There are mysterious universe algorithm codes. 1st code, human started from cavemen, in the future you will start again from cavemen. 2nd code human nuclear destruction achievement is only doomsday universe code that space time soon ended in billion light speed as described in Universe BIG RIP theory. 3rd code, why civilization results are used for nuclear destruction to wipe off Earth life, why not to eliminate human sufferings and starvation. There is no other solution for treating nuke wars suicide on Earth. No found other Earth, so an example, USA/Russia presidents must have 5 young wives.

  4. Well sabotage is the way forward. Pay all the infiltrators a bag of potatoes and 100 rubles and Russia will just be a pile of ashes by summer. Sorted.

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