• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

As many as 16000 children have been forcibly removed to Russia since the full scale war began, according to Ukrainian officials …


36 thoughts on “Ukraine war: ICC issues arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes”
  1. Abducting children genius god we haven't seen this s*** since like Genghis Khan yeah man the babies you find from the mothers you shot kidnap them turn them into loyal Russian cogs in the war machine I would recommend our Western response as we're not slaver assholes the immediate deployment of the robot dog robot suicide bombers robot everything they're metal they can't die send them out there

  2. I see so many people talking about other leaders who detained children or separated them from families, and like, I get where they're coming from. But if you're using another leader's unpunished crimes to justify the crimes of a leader who has been charged, you're only holding back what little progress that is being made – not furthering the prosecution of war criminals who have managed to remain free. Let's say there are two murderers on trial and there's clear video evidence the proves they both committed murder: one is convicted, the other goes free – would you be outside the jail protesting the charges that did stick? Or would you be outside the home of the murderer who went free protesting the fact that he isn't in jail when he should be?

    A lot of you sound more like you're trying to minimize what Pootler is doing by listing other people who got away with doing the same thing – not trying to draw attention to the reality that a lot of leaders do things like this and more of them should be getting the same treatment Putin is. You have no right pointing out hypocrisy for such a hypocritical reason – stop making fools of yourselves. Instead of talking just go find out what boots Putin wears, buy some, and shove them down your throat whenever you feel the urge to eject fallacious and nonsensical verbal slop for the idiots to lap up.

  3. Ultimately, I think this is just another major sign showing how weak Russia is becoming as a military, a country, an economy, and as a culture. Economically, culturally healthy nations do not abduct children from other countries that speak the same language and attempt to assimilate them like they watched Star Trek as a kid and said "Daddy, I want to be a Borg when I grow up"! Countries that have a stable population and birthrate don't need to bolster their population by taking adults as slaves and abducting children from other countries so they can impose their culture and national identity on them. Russia is showing it's true colors and revealing it's true nature. Russia has become a failing terrorist-state led by an international war criminal that clearly cannot sustain it's internal or external security while suffering from so many grievous self-inflicted wounds to it's economy, industrial sector, military, reputation, and people. China shouldn't be cozying up to this failing nation – If China is truly committed to it's own national security and the safety of the region surrounding it's sovereign territory, they should wait until Russia is at it's weakest and invade the easternmost region that should, by historical right, belong to China anyway. China should then seize Russia's nuclear weapons stockpiles in the interest of regional security so that they cannot be seized by Nazis or terrorists as Russia collapses into a true failed state.

    The leadup to Russia's invasion of Ukraine was basically like a trained martial artist name Pootler walking out of his bedroom and seeing an emaciated kitten named Ukraine at the top of his stairs. So Pootler, being the brave warrior he is, screams in pure terror and runs to grab his edgelord sword while calling for his friends to help protect him from the "dangerous lion" at his door. Ukraine sees Pootler running up with a sword and yelps hoping it's friends will help protect it – they don't, and Pootler chops off Ukraine's tail. Then Pootler retreats in fear, yellow liquid dribbling down his leg and he hobbles off, afraid of Ukraine's retribution.

    A few years pass, Pootler's men are on constant lookout for Ukraine, and they see a few distant friends have started sending things to help Ukraine get back on it's feet. Ukraine is asking for more help. Pootler grabs his edgelord sword again and runs at Ukraine, now at the bottom of the stairs, but his sword gets stuck in the ceiling as he runs. Pootler then tumbles down the stairs, soiling himself the whole time, covering himself in his own waste. Finally he lands at the bottom of the stairs, covered in bruises and scrapes inflicted by his own stupidity. Ukraine then scratches his face off and Pootler is charged with several crimes. By the time he gets back up Ukraine is no longer a cat, having transformed into optimus prime but with missiles.

  4. Russia have deported thousands of children, and people on YouTube are laughing because of it. What a world we're living in. Cynicism and ignorance everywhere.

  5. Oh my God,,,he's gonna play hero for the parents…..I knew it…
    Oh I just want to slap somebody's face..
    I had my opinion before this warrant….It just made me right….lol

  6. Ludicrous
    In a war, there are no rules!
    Perhaps it's as the USA does it.
    Anything goes and the USA can't be held accountable

  7. Justice for what?…….for rescuing children from areas the Nazis regularly bomb. You would rather he leave them to die like Bush/Obama/Biden did in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/Yemen, etc. Get your facts right.

  8. bullshit and propaganda…Nazi's were killing these kids…Russia and Vladimir Putin EVACUATED them to safety…HOW ABOUT charging BLAIR,BUSH,CAMERON OBAMA SARKOZY, HOLLANDE

  9. The West and the ICC have lost all credibility. A free pass to all US & British war criminals – actual war criminals who started wars on lies. Then issues an arrest warrant to Russians for evacuating children from an active war zone. You could not make this up!

    By the way, the only country in the world that has directly threatened the ICC for years is the USA. They even have 'The Hague Invasion Act' to use military force against the court.

    Lying by omission of facts is still lying. This is a ridiculous "news" channel like almost all of the mainstream.

  10. What about the Americans? What about uk ? Wheres your concern for Iraq? Syria ? How's about the genocide of Blair and Bush. .you really are a disgusting racist channel. And what about yourself channel 4 propaganda and misinformation channel ..

  11. Bush and Blair War Spent billions and Killed thousands of people..Alastair Campbell the spining Doctor still walking around with a innocent face.

  12. After a century, palestinians suffered a lot, thousands of children, mothers, fathers, grandfathers died, they suffered a lot from the brutality of Israel occupation yet ICC did nothing.

  13. Well said….all of you folk in the the comment section! Shows we are all paying attention to the warmongering West. ALL our US presidents and UK prime ministers are WAR CRIMINALS…….ask the people in Libya, Syria and Iraq. And the most recent U.S. war crime……the blowing up of the Pipeline. An act of War against Germany!

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