• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

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31 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery in Bakhmut targets Russians: "Most capable units of them are fighting here"”
  1. По Донецку стреляют, по школам, детсада и больницам. Ну нечего черти вас заждались. Весело вам здохнуть

  2. If the russian soldiers would fight as hard and desperatel as the russian trolls, they would ve already won.But luckily, the only place where russian is strong, is on social media ahaha

  3. The Ukrainians are out gunned 6:1 by Russian artillery.
    The Ukrainians are being slaughtered at the rate of about 1000 troops per day.
    When the Ukrainians run out of bodies they will use NATO troops and so it will be the beginning of WW3.

  4. Notice how the Russian men cry back home and always think they’ve lost before trying. Completely defeated spirit and lack of leadership.

    Ukrainians hero’s no matter how battered and broken says they will win. No matter what, I bet the heroes buried in defence would say the same.

    Long live the heroes.

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