• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Ukrainian forces destroy Russian Wagner Group in close combat over city of Bakhmut. A graphic video shared around the same …


44 thoughts on “Horrible footage! Ukrainian forces destroy Russian Wagner Group in close combat over city of Bakhmut”
  1. I don't understand two things. Why Russia would name them the Wagner group, a highly respected German anti semitic composer, second, Russia always starts off wars chaotically. Then they just win. They're too big. You can't beat them. Ukraine will lose. You can come here if I can have your AK. Cheers me duck

  2. Зря вы Россию злили все таки. Уж мы и сами союз развалили и думали вы поставите нас равными вам. Вечная ошибка русских. Ну ничего Будет по нашему как ни крути. Зря все таки злили…

  3. I just want to point out that there was a report of 250 k dead Ukrainians and 150 k injured and of those only 20 k could make it back to the front

  4. This whole video is debunked by the fact that today the advisors to elenensky are saying to ukraine needs to pull out and not lose any more soldiers ther ina "strategic retreat". The wagner group is causing the ukrainians no end of trouble and are beating the ukrainian forces to the point that even in a retreat, the ukrainian forces will be hammered during their retreat. The only real way to save the troops from outright slaughter is to surrender and set up a prisoner exchange which means it would be 10 ukrainian soldier to very one russian soldiers that ukraine has and that would mean that all russian prisoners would return home. Of course, the surrendered ukrainian soldiers would have to leave their weapons behind and those would go to the donetsk forces as "spoils of war" to then be used against the ukrainian nato forces. Poetic justice, eh?

  5. stop pushing BS narratives – because neither Ukraine nor Russia is gaining significant footholds in Bakhmut and Pyidhorodne, in fact, Bakhmut is about to be encircled and trapped by Wagner and the 15th Iron Guards of the Russian VDV.

  6. I don't give a shit about this proxy/wag the dog war. What I care about is my starving and homeless countrymen here in the USA who aren't getting the help they need while Biden sends billions upon billions of OUR taxpayer money to Ukraine

  7. Only the Informations in this Video are horrible… There are random Clips from the last Year and no new Fakts! Only: somebody said, that somebody said, that somebody said…

  8. Push NATO troops closer to Russia and then present more lies to keep a proxy war going to test new weapons, tanks, artillery and drones so Zelenskyy can cut more deals with donations and fill his long pockets whilst looking after his constituents in the military industrial complex.. Corruption and culling

  9. not a single western soldier should be involved in the current struggle. Ukraine can have western weapons but I don't want to enter a third world war for these folks. nuclear war is not what I want. good on the president for Ukraine asking for more for his people but don't let us be dragged into a nuclear terror.

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