• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
20 thoughts on “Russia Repositioning Troops from Bakhmut! 22 Mar 23 Ukraine Daily Update”
  1. What I am seeing is that they are using this city as a citadel. Granted, its nasty, and, hard to hold. BUT, the more Russians boiled in that sector means less Russians to fight where the next offensive hits.

    "Fight the enemy where they are not."
    Sun Tzu – Art of War

  2. Keeping hearing from the MSM and other sources that Russia is increasing their military in Moldova? Moldova might be an easier and much more likely victory than Ukraine.

    So after Russia secures Moldova maybe their military can return to Ukraine with some confidence?

  3. You have the worsth reaction faces in your thumbnails. That alone should get you kicked off of Patreon. Half the time you look like a ghost jumped through your computer and gave you a wedgie. Seriously, is that what happened? I'm worried.

  4. Just yesterday Russia gained territory all along the front. They are in total control. If they are stalling, they are doing it on purpose. Remember when Russia was reported as retreating by all the American and British news agencies? Then it turned out that they were evacuating civilians so they couldn't be used as human Shields for the shelling that would come later. If you trust any NATO source for your news you are a fool. If you believe anything USA says about any other country, you are a bigger fool. But appatently you're gullible enough to have served in one of America's phony wars of Imperialism and greed. Heck you might even believe that when USA says we are "liberating" a country it doesn't mean "we are overthrowing their government, installing a puppet government that will allow American companies to steal all the resources of that country for profit." And that would make you some kind of fuck toy for the government. Really sad. Dude, we're the bad guys. America overthrew Ukraine in 2014, installed Zelensky and ordered them to start bombing the Donbas to draw Russia into war and hurt them economically and stop the Nordstream 2 pipeline so America could get all that business. USA plays dirty. USA is the world terrorist, filthy thugs.

  5. The reason Russia isn't moving in at the moment is because they are rooting out traps. They don't want to level Ukraine and have to rebuild it. Russia can launch artillery around the clock and never run out of munitions. They are done killing 14 year old kids and old men with no training.

  6. You don't understand what Russia is doing because your mindset is on conquest. Russia have no intention in occupying Ukraine, its intent was for it to be a buffer state all along. Russian experts all across the world have been saying this, its not new news.

  7. Hey you know how the US could sweep the legs out from under China in this “peace deal” shit you mentioned MAYBE if they came out and did it first instead of I don’t know literally enabling war mongers and Nazis with ammo and weapons. Oh and don’t talk about the war orphans like that. They couldn’t ask their parents become their parents are probably dead and they found the fuckers, if you wanna really push that button there’s some shit we had people doing in both Iraq and Afghanistan that’s eerily similar to what your describing. That war crimes tunnel is not something you want to go down.

  8. A couple of observations… first, the primary objective of Russia at this stage of the war is not to take territory but to destroy the Ukrainian army with as few losses as possible. Russia is planning for a multi year war which they will win as long as they don’t take catastrophic losses like they did last year. So in order for what we are seeing on the battlefield to make sense you have to look at it in that context. By sheer mass the war is Russias to win (unless they do something stupid). Second, it’s to Russias advantage for Ukraine to hold pockets of resistance like Bakhmut and Andivka. Russia has a large advantage in artillery, and they can disperse their artillery around these pockets to protect them from Ukrainian attacks while at the same time having the ability to concentrate a tremendous amount of ordnance all at one point if they choose. Russia is baiting Ukraine in an attempt to make Ukraine avoid utilizing their strengths (morale, intelligence, communications, logistics, mobility, and superior small unit capabilities) in exchange to fight Russias war… a set piece battle dominated by artillery. As long as Ukraine keeps sending fresh troops and equipment into these pockets Russia can just hold their positions and destroy them with artillery. Don’t expect Russia to advance unless it gives them a better position for active defense or provides a greater use for their artillery. Third, neither Russia nor Ukraine want to risk using their mechanized forces right now due to the mud. We saw last year how vulnerable tanks are to anti tank weapons. They hope to wait until the fields are dried out and the trees are leafed out. I don’t expect a major mechanized attack by either side prior to the end of May. Finally, by dispersing their infantry and constantly pressing along the entire front it will reduce the chances that Ukraine can achieve a major tactical victory with any counterattack. First, this strategy eats up Ukrainian manpower preventing a large concentration needed for an attack. Second, the Russians will less likely to be taken by surprise from any attack. Third, the Russians are advancing extremely slowly because they do not advance until they have at least 3 defensive lines for infantry to fall back upon, and artillery, tanks, and all materials needed for a quick combined arms counterattack against any Ukrainian breakthrough. Russia cannot risk having large breakthroughs like last fall.

  9. I often wonder what makes Americans think they are better than others. In this case it is war-related . One conjures up images of Vietnam, napalm, escapees in a helicopter on the Embassy roof, Afghans wearing leather sandals, failed Iran rescue…

  10. Most, by far, of Eastern Ukrainians are totally Russian so it is totally logical to want your children to go to Russia. Sanctions have caused inflation and a banking crisis still at the commencement.
    But the most heartening news is the solid growth of BRICKS. It seems everyone wants to join. And great progress is being made on the creation of a gold-backed currency the R5+. That will trounce the dollar which basically is paper money , backed by paper, secured by $32 TRILLION debt!!!


  11. They are buying time waiting for the foot dragging West to get them the weapons they need for a sucessful counter offensive. Bakmut is a psychological moral boost if they can stop Russia's main goal, taking it. Stop them there and you stop them everywhere. Russia is finally wising up pulling their Army out letting it be Wagners losing battle.

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