• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Ukraine forces fire howitzers at Russian troops in the Donetsk region on Monday, June 6th. The Ukrainian military has started to …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine forces fire US howitzers to fight off Russians at Donetsk frontline”
  1. Ну где вы — нытики из СВОБОДНОЙ Америки, когда всу Донецк утюжит по рынкам и больницам? От этого никакой пользы, но просто вы потомки фашистов и вам это нравится, все просто.

  2. Do the commenters here realise they hit residential areas of Donetsk on purpose? Just today, 15 injured, 5 killed including 11 year old boy and his mother. There are no military targets there and they know it. Slava Ukraine my a-s, western hamsters

  3. EU and NATO had not taken Russia into consideration for security these last years.
    Now Let's Ukraine in doom with no more firearms and war will end in Ukraine.
    Otherwise the whole Europe will be doomed with Russia and America…

  4. How would EU, NATO and USA react if China starts giving its sophisticated firearms to Russia to boost the war in Ukraine.
    PLEASE STOP All and STOP THE WAR before no return.
    PEACE and PEACE.
    A communist will never backdown and western cities have been warned!!!!

  5. I think the Russian leadership are not aware of the rest of the world's animosity to this illegal occupation when the ordinary people learn the truth not the false propaganda issued by the ruling dictatorship imprisoning everyone is not possible

  6. You will fail… Russia… your small little mindset won't convince the rest of the world. For the true beautiful people of Russia. its only you that can stop him… rise above it. People will die but tell stories of the change they made

  7. What they mean to say, is they’re using western weapons, to lay destruction on their own country, because they want people to believe that Russia did it. But, of course…. no evidence. I mean, there’s evidence of them faking news… that’s about it.

  8. Please stop pretending it's going so well in Donetsk region. Face reality UKR is losing ground. I know it's not good news. All the weapons we deliver to the UKR forces seems not to help very well.

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