• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Retired air-vice marshal Sean Bell looks at how both Ukraine and Russia are saying that hundreds of enemy troops have been …


30 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Both sides claim hundreds of enemy troops killed in Bakhmut”
  1. ''Russia is a much lager country with much more manpower and equipment and with little value on human life. It looks like it wants to draw Ukraine into a war of attrition.'' Surely Ukraine should engage the Russians on there own terms?

  2. Russians need to realize the only option Putin is giving the West is to nuke Moscow….. 5 million dead in 5 seconds and another 5 million in 5 weeks. The West did it before ( Japan) and will do it again !

  3. Probably Russia will win. If so , it will win like King Pyrrhos won , too costly to enjoy it. And this will be good for Europe , Russia will think twice before attacking any Nato-memberstate.

  4. It's true hundreds on both sides and tragically thousands more Ukrainians on top of those hundreds. Stop promoting this false narrative. Real people are dying, accept reality, promote peace, swallow our western pride and save a lot of lives. It's over, it has been for months, all we are doing is guaranteeing the death of thousands more people to acheive the same outcome. STOP.

  5. Greetings from Hungary !
    The truth is always logical and simple! Its concealment is opaque and complicated.
    An example: Why is Bahmut and its area important?
    Because in 2014, the Jacenyuk regime handed over the biggest Ukrainian gas field under this region to Burisma led by Hunter Biden for 1 dollar, confirmed by a parliamentary decision for 40 years.
    At the time of the handover, the Americans already had the gas purchase agreement signed by the EU at the rate of production. This would have been intended to ease Russian gas dependence and at the same time increase American influence.
    The problem was "only" that this area was inhabited by a majority of Russians (Bakhmut – Kramatorsk area). Either the Russian resistance must be broken or they must be reduced to a minority (even at the cost of genocide) so that the extraction can begin.

    The other Russian interest is also connected to this region:
    The "Oremburg" gas pipeline passes by Kramatorsk and here is one of its branches, which supplies energy to the Transnistria and Moldova.
    If the pipeline falls into Russian hands, the branch going to the EU can be closed at any time.
    So, by occupying the areas east of the Kharkiv-Odessa line, all of Ukraine and Kiev will become energetically vulnerable, while the pipeline to Tiraspol may pass through Russian-controlled territory.
    (An additional benefit is that American agricultural production can only reach the Black Sea with Russian permission.)

    "Ukraine lost 80% of Black Sea oil and gas deposits and a significant portion of its port infrastructure to the annexation of Crimea."
    The following map superimposes the gas field and the front lines. A closer look shows that Bahmut is a key area:

  6. So comical that anyone would believe ANYTHING that spews out of the West's mouths. Russia has a specific plan and they're certainly NOT going to tell anyone when, why or how they're going to do anything.

  7. Sky told us in Bakhmut that it was 1 Ukraine for every 7 russians dead and the russian were running away then fighting with shovels had no rockets left, well it's all a pile of crap as usual, my friend in Odessa said the army were going around town picking up men from 16 to 60 and throwing them into trucks to fight in the war, looks like Ukraine is on its knees, won't be long now

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