• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery and ‘Belarusian volunteers’ blow up Russian ammo depot and mortar weapons. In this footage, a …


17 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery and 'Belarusian volunteers' blow up Russian ammo depot”
  1. God Forgive them because they don't know what they do…

    "You shall not kill" Exodus 20:13.

    "Love your neighbor as yourself" Leviticus 19:18.

    All the 208 Presidents of the World must Obey the 613 Precepts of the Torah.

  2. PUTIN why are you making the freeworld hate you acting like north Korea is absolutely insane and cruel punishment to the citizens of Russia who are nothing like the brainwashed people of north Korea yet for your own gain you are turning your great people into a pariah state causing great suffering not only to your own people but totally innocent men women and children of the world this is not supposed to be happening in the 21st century where man should be able to settle their differences around a table yet you fill your peoples heads with lies and wage these evil wars slaughtering innocent men women and children by firing missiles into their cities who can be so evil to do such a thing like your doing at this moment in time and you won't stop until you've destroyed this planet in a nuclear armageddon Wake up russian people no body hates you as Putin claims simply put something is wrong with Putin and he won't stop until the whole world is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust

  3. It's amazing what ZSU is doing!! Completely opposite than russians which ruin the whole cities and kill thousands of innocent people. ZSU hit with artillery every time, one shot one kill, real artillery artists! And russians when hit just once they lit up like they are made of TNT.

  4. Good job and God blessed Ukrainian soldiers and Belarusians volunteer. Help each other to get the invaders out of Ukraine. This is how the invaders need.

  5. amazing accuracy. You can see why Russia had to force another 300000 into the army to replace the 300,000 russo-narzis that have been killed since the start of 3 day invasion. The bravery and professionalism of the Ukrainian military is legendary. They have made the Russo-narZis into a joke.

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