• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

THE Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks and Howitzers in huge blasts on the battlefield. Explosive footage shows a number …


28 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks and Howitzers in huge blasts”
  1. The only way they could get artillery shots that accurate is if a drone relayed exact GPS coordinates back to the artillery crew, which is what I presume is occurring. Smart & effective!

  2. They way you are posing ukraine. Today night Russia will be defeated. This war is in battlefield not on TV screen. The poor Ukrainian are suffering because of your propegenda and strategic interest of USA. Main beneficiary of this war is USA. West is playing in the hands of USA and destroying
    Western economies, people are suffering. There should be a leadership to calm down the situation not to escalate. American interest is in escalation.

  3. Không biết nguyên nhân sâu xa là gì cô nhỉ Nếu đổi lại không có chiến tranh để giúp đỡ những người dân phi công Châu Phi đang về chết đói?

  4. Yes, it's neither Ukraine not Russia that want this land, it's just a military training ground, that's all. Don't let the war end, how else are troops and strategist's going to cut there teeth and hone their expertise if this land becomes farmland? No no no, it's a great battle field.

  5. One of the major features of those fakes – BLURRED IMAGES. You can't work out who is who and what is what. The thing is that this is a Russian video, and the positions are Ukrainian. They are building their positions in the forest belts, trying to repel the Russian offensive. By the way, do you know that the Ukrainian army has been retreating since 1 Jan. and has lost about 35 settlements so far? Of course, you don’t! You live in cloud cuckoo land of those ‘nice for your eyes only’ videos.

  6. Putin yesterday gave Kiev 72 hours before he use tactical nukes on Ukraine there's just over 30 hours left the US and France and other nations calling their citizens to evacuate immediately.

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