• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

UKRAINIAN drones drop bombs on Russian armoured tanks and destroy them in huge explosions. In this footage, a number of …


34 thoughts on “Ukrainian drones drop bombs on Russian armoured tanks in huge blasts”
  1. В русском языке есть поговорка: "напугать ежа голой ж..о..п..о..й". Здесь ежей не напугали голой задницей, а разозлили, озлобили и превратили в лютых хищников.

  2. The Mavic 3 carries up to around 800g only. However a larger civilian tier drone can actually carry around 4000g in fact. With this, you can actually use the RPG warheads, which typically weigh around 2000g, and drop these on tanks, and actually do real serious damage, especially if the RPG warhead is of an anti-armour type. The Ukrainians have already been doing this in other videos, so in this video here it's more like just pestering the tanks, these smaller grenades they have here I believe are more suitable to just strike vehicles that are either unarmoured, or vehicles that have things on their outside that are vulnerable, like an anti-air missile vehicle.

  3. Ьля хоть один додумался на месте повернуть а не сдавать задом, вы ж на танках ебыный врот, каждая секунда на счету.

  4. Come on, show a few killed Ukrainians from those more than 100,000, at least a few. The viewer with the average intelligence will realize that you are one-sided, superficial manipulators.

  5. Harassing the tanks isn't nothing. And the nade may get lucky and injure a crew member or find an open hatch and cause real damage. If anything it's a psychological game, telling the enemy that you know their position which makes them have to constantly move before the artillery comes in.

  6. 27.02.2023. One more Russian video about the ‘fireworks’ near Brovary in the Kyiv region, where the Russians hit, flattened and burnt down the center of electronic intelligence of the occupational armed forces of Ukraine. This time round it was a farmer’s greenhouse with lots of tomatoes in it.

  7. Might be just to make them move. Certainly, the tank crews are going to be very uptight for days or weeks. Be afraid to crack the hatches even to relieve themselves or get something to eat.

  8. What about dropping something on to the tank that then sends GPS coordinates to Ukraine artillery? As the tank moves the GPS coordinates change to reflect its changing locations.

  9. You russians are not invited in Ukraine. Go home to your family. Let pooptin himself fight this stupid war he started. You are fighting for nothing, you are only deceive by to much propaganda and lies of your comrade.

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