• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

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28 thoughts on “Ukrainian GoPro Reveals the Sad State of Russian Troops!”
  1. This isnt the conflict for OIF/OEF vets to do arm chair quarter backing. Reality is after 1 year of fighting both russians and ukranians have some experienced soldiers in trench warfare. Some of the vids ive seen are gone now but this ish is a blood bath both sides. With both sides having frontlines with poorly trained 17 year olds in some places. This video doesnt have full context and this guy acts like he never posed for a photo lol. This war is Fkd up all around.

  2. These Ukranians are really brave but making me nervous, why no one is pulling security? Like you said?? We never assumed someone else cleared anything, that's how small recon/SF units will fuck you up, they will get behind your lines and skirmish you to exhaustion/ black condition etc…

  3. You sound so much like a caring teacher as you repeatedly tell troops that they should be doing “X” “Y” and “Z”. That’s what keeps them alive at the fundamental level and is what being a good officer is all about. Always teaching and being vigilant.

    That is what the Russians lack. Care for their troops…

    The leadership doesn’t care at the highest levels and filters down to the bottom. Your video analysis shows the results…

  4. Lots of videos out there of Russian soldiers grouped together in single file columns just two to three meters apart. 1 well placed artillery round killing/wounding most of them. There's also tons of videos of these guys spotting a drone above them while on the move. Instead of spreading out in different directions, they all run behind one another along a trail. Makes it easy pickings for the drones because you use the path as a reference point and just lead a bit and you'll start hitting guys. If they dispersed out it would be harder to target them.

  5. As a (UK) combat veteran (age 67), I don't tend to watch many "Veterans React" But you hit the nail on the head EVERY time, and this one is so scary..It's hard to explain this to anyone who's not been in combat. The lack of simple battle discipline is shocking and the lack of securing an area??? The worse and what I was most disgusted at, is the lack of moral/comradeship, within the Russian Army. Bodies just left where they fell, no signs of the simplest of First Aid. Where is even the poor guys opened wound dressing, that we all carried. Until you pointed it out I now think back at all the Vids I've watched and recall and recoil, at the lack of medical equipment debris, surrounding these poor souls. "poor souls" people are going to comment. These are in the end Soldiers, poorly trained "Cannon Fodder" I really can't believe how much seeing this lack of…humanity the Russian troops have to their muccas (mates) Has effected me. Plus I never realised the lack of training even within the Ukraine Army, until I saw this. With a lump in my throat and a feeling of Nausea, I will not look at this war in the same way. I thank you once again for another eye opening delve into this arena. Keep up the great work mate. Bless you, stay safe, stay strong. "Keep telling it as it is" 100% the best Veterans reaction I've ever watched.

  6. OMG! Great respect sir but PLEASE…stop interrupting the video you are playing or…play video all the way thru then go back and replay it with your commentary.

  7. Referring to 4:00 , it's not that russia doesn't have the technical capabilities but most of these apps that the troops use to communicate are encrypted end to end, and assuming the application is using a modern encryption standard, no one is going to be able to realistically crack that, you would need to get access to the sender or receiver devices to actually figure out what is going through that line.

    It's a very long story short but the way in which end to end encryption works (if implemented correctly in the app) makes it practically impossible to eavesdrop on the data traveling from device A to device B, even if a node in between is compromised (for example, a cell tower captured by the Russian side)

  8. Both sides have taken casualties both side have been affected by it mentally and physically and emotionally too so many innocent young boy have died from both sides war is a scary thing I lost a relative of mine last year during the attack on India via China at the border he was stabbed few times he lived for a few months but succumbed to his injuries he died trying to sVe his friends many Indian soldiers died or where seriously wounded and Injured by the unwanted unprovoked attack on the Indian soldiers by the Chinese

  9. When I listen to your "wise" analyses, I spontaneously think about what's in your head. An ordinary homo sapiens has a brain there. You seriously think about Russian soldiers that they are like those in the States, where for the majority of the population the capital of Austria is Melbourne and Tyrrhenian Sea is a region on the moon?

  10. Mapping software with smartphones is something we have been doing in fire coverage for years now. So this is hardly surprising to us. By the way doing osint, we always asume Russians are better than they actually are

  11. Ukraine is losing ground daily. Even the US government is starting to consider peace talks because they understand they can't keep shipping arms to Ukraine fast enough to help Ukraine make any progress.

    The UK supplies Ukraine with Depleted Uranium Munitions. Russia says these are Nuclear Weapons because they continue to kill long after initial impact.

    Russia used the American use of Depleted Uranium Munitions in Iraq as their example. Studies have shown a marked increase in deaths related to radiation exposure and children are being born with extreme deformities associated with radioactive isotopes entering a mother's blood stream.

    If Ukraine uses these weapons in Ukraine or against a Russian territory this war just went Nuclear. Russia vowed to retaliate against the Western Coalition in kind.

    Stop spreading misinformation claiming Ukraine is winning this war. The truth is they lost the day Russia began its Special Military Operations.

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