• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

This footage released by the 71st Separate Jaeger Brigade shows Ukrainian troops searching captured Russian trenches after …


28 thoughts on “Ukrainian Soldiers explore captured Russian trench after taking out enemy position with artillery”
  1. Диктатор стравил два братских народа, пропаганда и деньги сделали из людей – зомби

  2. If they had cameras like this in older conflicts like Vietnam, both world wars hell even desert storm see how fast it was over for yourself but anyways glory to Ukraine bless all those patriots fighting for democracy that was what our forefathers fought for God bless everyone

  3. God I thank you for smitten Putin on the cheekbone and breaking the teeth of the ungodly Putin and his troops. God Ukraine’ needs a miracle You are a God who preforms miracles. Step down Lord God , and push the Russian leader, and his troops south to their destiny. Where you have prepared a place for them to be buried. Glory to the Lord God Almighty , great things he has done. There is no God like Jehovah. A God who can be touches. By faith we beloved you car for the people of Ukraine.


    Wherever dwell the mad dogs of man

    There is corruption, plunder and hate.

    In every city, town or village

    Those who promote distrust deserve their fate.

    All are born as an innocent child

    Till misled by others along the way.

    God has always loved His children

    Though it breaks His heart when they stray.

    The mad dogs of man never repent

    For they have no sense of shame or sorrow.

    Worshiping dominance and the dark side of life

    Abusing victims as if there were no tomorrow.

    God gives us the will to sin no more

    And to overcome evil unwilling to cease.

    The mad dogs of man must be stopped

    Who murder, rape and destroy world peace.

    Samson, Solomon, Moses and David

    Were chosen by God to stand tall.

    They faced great odds and the fear of death

    Refusing to ignore their call.

    The time has come for the people of Earth

    To band together to restrain the horde.

    Standing firm against tyranny where it exists

    Putting the mad dogs of man to the sword.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web!

  5. Shows the horrors of war, young Russians being slaughtered, for what, Putin's evil attempt to supress democracy close to Russia, his barbaric war on Ukranians who only want to live in peace and have seen their homes destroyed and their men, women and children killed by Russian missiles and shelling, please God stop this war !

  6. The reality is that Russia continues to grind down nato. Look outside this type of misinformation media propaganda. Just watch news from a different country that isnt part of the war. No matter how painful the news is to you. The reality is that ukraine loses on average about 300-1000+ soldiers dead per day. USA and the west dont care about this as long as they can keep supplying ukrainians or mercenaries (or whoever) to continue the fighting in the hope of weakening russia

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