• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

"Executed" Russian Mercenary Appears With Wagner Chief In Video | Ukraine War

Dmitry Yakushchenko who was shown on video purportedly being executed for desertion by the Wagner Group appeared, …


27 thoughts on “"Executed" Russian Mercenary Appears With Wagner Chief In Video | Ukraine War”
  1. Probably turned as agent for Ukraine now? Weirder things have happened ironically him turning is not totally impossible. Making the Russians feel overconfident meanwhile he’s feeding the Russian false information that may lead them into a trap…

  2. Wow, I seen this guy in another Ukrainian propaganda video where it was claimed he was executed and left behind a sad message.
    Can't believe any new about this war…

  3. He said ukranians turtured him but those who speaks rus will tell dat his body language is saying otherwise.
    Prigozin is saying Bakhmut is loosing most likely due to Betrayal . But dont get surprised our own commanders do sell info to others same as ammunitions .
    For example commanding officers were selling info during rus chechen war between 1991 and 1997. Info on rus locations our own commanding officers were selling for 20 bottles of vodka

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