• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

And how the US influences which weapons they get, and which ones they don’t. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you …


25 thoughts on “How Western weapons transformed the war in Ukraine”
  1. Correction: In January 2023, the UK agreed to send Ukraine advanced tanks. The US agreed to send their advanced tanks after that, followed by Germany and other allies.

    And at 5:34, the tank shown is an Abrams battle tank, not a Leopard battle tank.

    EDIT: We’ve updated the video to reflect these changes.

  2. I find it funny that they don't even mention that it can take YEARS to train and become proficient in things like flying an F16 or operating other advanced weapons systems. It's not like you can just hand these things over and expect any good to come of it.

  3. Did you people know that investing $20 billion per year in the American social welfare program would practically eliminate all poverty, food insecurity, end homelessness in America, and also fund the war veteran’s healthcare once they’re out of service?

    Just $10 billion per year, the federal government can make effectively end childhood food insecurity, fund the child and protective services, give aid to the domestic abuse women program, give post-secondary scholarships up to 95% AND give every man, woman and child in America until the age of 55 the best healthcare that money can buy?

    Even after all these statistics, the federal government chooses to fund a foreign nation with a troubled past to say the least and history of corruption/human rights violations/terrorism/rebellion uprising posing real threat to the United States? Did y’all know that? It’s a good strategy to try to turn enemies into friends but when you’re poor and housebroke, it really does not make much sense to play the long game! Why give a foreign country 46.6 billion of US taxpayer money and top-notch weaponry when that money could be used towards all of the things described above? what would be so so wrong about giving supporting our veterans, once they are OFF COMBAT DUTY, supporting our nation’s future to study without college debt and also put an end to homelessness? Are these bad things to do as compared to funding a war in a country that can NEVER AFFORD TO pay you back with all that generosity anyway?

  4. Why don’t you mention that Russia warned Ukraine and the west if they push to make Ukraine a part of nato it will invade Ukraine …America wouldn’t stand for a foreign military base of China or Russia on Americas border ..why should they.. the war could have been avoided now america is using Ukraine as pawns in a proxy war

  5. First the US is employing support on a need bases. It's the long held US policy of "containment." Second, as per usual I don't see Mexico participating as an allie.

  6. Its a shame …where are the world priorities …people are dieing from food shortage but IMF is giving $15 billions to fund war….wow.

  7. You mean the pointless war that Russia is winning and the situation is turning into Crimea? How Russia went from little to no drone knowledge to experts?

  8. The simple answer is the US is afraid of Putin with his empty to threats to escalate the war. FYI during the Vietnam war Russia supplied North Vietnam everything they got in their arsenal including fighter jets.

  9. Ukraine can receive weapons even without being in NATO, the so called u attack 1, u attack all.. what happened here, yet, china didn't even yet send weapon to Russia, yet the west screamed china is war criminal in supporting Russia. Y can other nations do the same as u, oo, i know, it is called exceptionalism.. only america or the west can be free to anything, but if others try to do the same, its a crime

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