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Russia's President Putin to listen to China's peace plan to end war in Ukraine – BBC News


Mar 27, 2023 , ,

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have entered a second day of talks as part of the Chinese president’s state visit to Moscow. Putin …


36 thoughts on “Russia's President Putin to listen to China's peace plan to end war in Ukraine – BBC News”
  1. China high profil……..sorry both have a lot off problems home ……..they wont artificial intelligence and peopel there do what they wont……..but dont think peopel wont that…….peopel wont peace and freedoom on earth

  2. In your cemetery mesumes..do not forget..your names…l loved your top securities camera in your countries….Do for forget from in side,out side on streets….etc….blood cell

  3. 4:56..say it out loud you muppet. You never want peace to begin with. You lot have feeded on blood of others to promote your hegemony. Earlier you feeded of blood of innocent women & children in middle east, then in Afghanistan and now since those prospects are now limited , now you are feeding of Ukrainian blood. Putin is bad, you lot are the worse. How you lot killed women and children mercilessly in Iraq, in Afghanistan in Africa, the world will never forget

  4. i think that russia now needs someone to defend them if they give up on ukraine as they depleted all reserves no tanks left in storage and china is just their backup to protect their asses (just a theory)

  5. 中国肯定希望和平解决问题啊,要是能在乌克兰战争的和平谈判中发挥重要作用,那是我们希望的。不过俄罗斯,目前看来,不太同意中国提出的和平方案,看看接下来会怎么样吧

  6. Oh wait, didn’t boris intervene in peace talks? Oh and haven’t CND condemned uk decision to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine? BBC aren’t talking about Ukraine and the years of killing their own people pro this senario
    Your are all DESPICABLE the lot of you,bbc too,in all your glorification

  7. So, right now China has Russia by the nuts, and they're trying to use that influence to reduce tension? Russia is building an Eastern alliance, kinda like America having NATO? Which country doesn't look out for its own interests? America has profited in the trillions with our driving of the war economy, and and someone else gets in the game so they're a monster? Don't get me wrong, it's wrong for any country to do these things, but hate the game AND the players, all of them. This just sounds hypocritical looking at the UKs treatment of ireland over the years.

  8. As long as there is a terrorist organization of the United States, there is no possibility of peace in the world, including Ukraine. The United States has provided Ukraine with a large number of biological and chemical weapons: gas bombs, depleted uranium bombs, constantly probing Russia's bottom line step by step, blowing up international civilian facilities, and creating international terrorism, just to let Europe be completely controlled by the United States. Most people know that it has something to do with the Jewish group behind the military-industrial system in the US, while ordinary people are getting poorer because they are spending hundreds of billions on the war and the rich are making a lot of money

  9. Thks &;
    Hmmmm …. I wonder if China will take its northeast Manchurian lands back from Adolf Putler (Russia stolen'm from China at the end of the opium-wars).
    Russia & China hates each other but they just hates the west even-more (KowTowing Putler is priceless ;).
    Oh PS:

    Why the BRICS Failed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_80Ikpq3yw

    In a nutshell climate change, inflation, high interest rate, conflict/wars around the-world (ex: psycho Putler’s war & his endless extortionism/victimhoodism ;), world slipping into recession, etc, etc are slowly pushing the-world into a recession & slowly killing the BRICS economies but the-west especially the-US is doing pretty-good. Soooo Putler is the bestest super-secret double-agent the-West could have ever hoped for (!Go-Putler! ;).

    Belt & Road Initiative BRI : How China’s global debt cheque is bouncing, almost 150 borrower nations, BRI projects in trouble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE242cJMXXE

  10. China will take over USA,

    We are going to live in a very strange world when China will become the biggest global power.

    Thanks to the "great" leaders that America had.

    I'm not American but Trump was the best leader that USA had.

  11. Dont accept peace. They came into Ukraine thinking they would destroy you. Throughout the invasion they have lost big. Putin for sure is now desperately looking for a way to save face and keep his job without being executed. To fail with so many Russians killed for sure his job would be over. So Ukraine do not give up. Go into Russia and for all the innocent people the Russians killed and all the missiles they shot at you. People raped. Murdered. Go into Russia and destroy them. Give nothing and take EVERYTHING.

  12. For a long time now the West has almost nothing left to put on the table for any issue – be it Ukraine, or Mid-East, or Africa, or SE Asia, or Mars, or 5G, or climate change – except "China is looking out for its own interests". If this doesn't show decline, I don't know what does.


  14. Fighting is not a solution for Ukraine Russia US NATO and rest of the world.
    It's catastrophic, stop it and find a solution through talks.
    If you have more weapons then don't push others into war just to sell them for money. World will remember you for your poor efforts but to promote war.
    Use your head and not weapons, you are human being.
    US and NATO did a lot in 1 and 2 world wars but this time they will be finished themselves only

  15. China and Russia only have one thing in common and that's that both leaders were a part of a communist government state

    I don't think China will ever stick its neck out to help Russia and vice versa

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