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Ukraine soldiers outgunned by Russians, constant artillery fire | Life of Zelensky's men in Bakhmut


Mar 27, 2023

Bakhmut: Zelensky’s men under continuous artillery fire, shelling goes on 24×7. Vicious onslaught, the city is a key Russian target …


39 thoughts on “Ukraine soldiers outgunned by Russians, constant artillery fire | Life of Zelensky's men in Bakhmut”
  1. They should put Zelenskyy out there with the soldiers and see how quickly he makes a decision to negotiate an end to the war. It’s easy to send your troops to die when you don’t have to die yourself.

  2. Dear Zelensky, please accept my Good Advice……Pack Your Bags and call your handler uncle Sam and take a flight out to Retirement in Florida. Trust me the best thing you can do!!……

  3. Russian will loose this war… Slava Ukraine. Dump Indians need to stop thinking Putin is their friend. Emperor wannabes putin’s days are numbered. Russian history shows

  4. Please zelensky just surrender and stop wasting lives in vain for your ego and the intentions of United states. This war is lost for you since the beginning, now can only become worst and worst. Is terrible for the Ukrainian people who have this delusional leader. Who bring the complete destruction of the country

  5. Zelensky is nothing but a puppet , reading speeches and scritp written for him by the Americans. He was ready to settle with Putin early on which would have been the sane thing to do , but Boris Johnson and US representatives quickly put the kibosh on that idea. This is the US war on Russia , we started this war , we arranged it .

  6. Figuring out this ‘News Channel’ doesn’t take a PHD. What is sad, you people actually can’t smell the shit you’re shoveling and think like
    That ENGLISH writer of The Jungle Book. Kipling? He talked about the monkey’s ‘ rule of the Bandaranaike Log,’ which stated ‘ We say it is so, therefore it must be.’
    Sad, Hnuman you fools are not.

  7. Ukraine wanted war .

    Zel-DONKEYSKY said he doesn't want no Russian speaking in Ukraine Full racism , and West Okayed .

    Russia asked world nation and peace , Ukraine go Suicide mode .

    Russia asked Ukraine to stop fascist and neo-Nazi attacking Russian citizens , Ukraine says no .

    Russia asked Ukraine ZelDONKEYSKY respect the Minks agreement , and Ukraine says F*** off.

    Ukraine ask American for help US is Weapon stock pile is bleeding and NOT enough for them too.

    Ukraine still begin more money , US said , we still have 5 million homeless . and dollar is broke no more values .

    now Ukraine is facing firework forever .

  8. The

    I read all the stories in here of the freaking idiots that love a tyrant and act like Russia is the biggest power of the world or something do us all favor get your passport get on an airplane and go to Russia they need all your support especially on the front lines but I don't think you got the balls to do that do you just sit in your nice home heated no worries all young men die and you put crap on the online as if you know what's going on and what's happening get your passport get on the airlines and go to Russia and give them all you can because you sound like you want to be with him go there and do it quit talking about it and get off YouTube assholes

  9. This goes to show your house Mark Putin is you don't throw out all your material military mate 7 days 24 hours a day You want to know why you run out what do you do then cry for another country to come to your side because you're stupid and should never be allowed to even be in charge of a military you're failing admitted and you're going to fall hard

  10. When Russia makes their actual push, they're going to walk right through ukraine. They just worn them out completely and drain the west of money. I can't believe people in the west actually are supporting this and waving the Ukraine flag like idiots. I'm not surprised. In my country in Canada most of the poison themselves last year as well.

  11. Biden told zelensky we are not fight for you against Russia but you will until you loose everything . Doesn't anyone tell zelensky what Biden just says to him ?

  12. But didn't the UK and USA Main Stream Media say many, many times that Russia was running out of Weapons and out of food? But it is obvious that reality is another and the Europeans who place their ludicrous opinions on this Platform have a lot to explain and it has to be done now! Ukraine is outgunned by the Russians and it is losing this war whether the West likes it or not.

  13. Amazing how the Hindustan times has been reporting about Russia's superiority while Russia has been retreating and while they have been unsuccessfully trying to take Bahkmut, a small town since May. It is almost like the Hindustan Times is just pro Russian and not real journalists..

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