• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Drone footage shows the “ambush” of a Russian military convoy in Skybyn close to Kyiv. Sky News has verified the drone footage …


43 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Dramatic drone footage shows Russian convoy 'ambush'”
  1. Skip this moronic Sky News video, owned by the very wealthy and very stuid Murdoch family. It contains the usual crapola reporting from Sky News, as in, "…it's not clear if they're Ukrainian…."

  2. Looks like the Russians had superior numbers and armour, why did they run, if that’s the mantra of the Russian army they are doomed to fail, the Russian soldiers don’t want to be there, where as the Brave Ukrainians are fighting for there country.

  3. Iv never known a army like it. The Russians are so dumb and suicidal even how they group there vehicles together so close and even sit there. The taliban wa smarter and more effective than the Russians and they had nothing in terms of equipment and they wa facing the combined might of the US and British and after 20years they even won the war when the west pulled out lol.

  4. Yea that was completely pointless… just more evidence this “war” is completely fake. Just another globalist central bank war so they can create tons of money and gain more power.

  5. When this is posted, a DATE should be included.
    The reason it wasn't is likely because this occurred a YEAR ago (end of February, 2022), during the beginning off Russia's offensive.

  6. God almighty are they that complacent..
    Why the hell would any convoy be traveling so close together.
    It defies basic military strategies and knowledge.
    Sad waste of human life.
    Hope this war ends so young men and woman from both countries can go home to be with their loved ones.
    War is the result of politicians that lack the ability to resolve their differences.
    Sadly Innocent people die.

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