• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian forces bomb Russian trenches and capture soldiers near Bakhmut. This explosive footage allegedly shows …


32 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces bomb Russian trenches and capture soldiers near Bakhmut”
  1. Well, now I know exactly what happens to a human body when it is hit directly with an artillery shell. Honestly feel worse for the second guy, he lived through the first hit.

  2. This war is a total fiasco for the Russian army …..and the longest special operation in the Guinness Book of Records. The Russians made a fool of themselves in front of the whole world……

  3. Fact: Russia has seized Soledar, a very important logistics hub, and is threatening to completely break through the Ukrainian center.

    The Sun: I'm going to show a couple of dead Russians.

    Western propaganda in action.

  4. This is what Putin has brought to his people. The Russian people used to have spirit, but their spirits have been broken and their resources have been systematically robbed by a greedy dictator and his Oligarch friends who created a police state. It's way past time for the Russian people to rise up and give all of their oppressors at the Kremlin the same treatment they did Tsar Nicholas in 1917.

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