• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

France has announced that it is sending several artillery weapons including CAESAR howitzers to Ukraine. French President …


20 thoughts on “France Sends CAESAR Howitzers To Ukraine Against Russia, Macron Says 'Won't Be Parties To Conflict'”
  1. Before Ulraine have only have Propelled Artillery piece D30 122mm Howitzer , Anti tank Rapira Supplied by Lithuania while there Self Propelled Artillery piece 2K3 AKATSIYA and 2S19 MSTA 152mm stil in Old Soviet era . Now they have France CESAER 155mm , Gernan PZH2000 155mm , Poland Krub 155mm and US M777 155mm and M109 155mm Self propelled and Propelled Artillery piece . Now Russian soldier are Outgunned

  2. France needs to be aggressive and save other allies and repair it's reputation wrongfully put on them but India should also help even with warning Russia to stop if not democracy will be lost …

  3. I Les armes à feu l est idéal que Vladimir Poutine, pour des raisons de santé, transfère, avant les élections présidentielles de 2024, dans l'administration provisoire de la Russie à Sergei Kiriyenko, le manager le plus adéquat et le plus expérimenté de son entourage, qui n'a pas terni en prenant la décision d'envoyer troupes en Ukraine, dont la mère est ukrainienne, et lui-même servi dans l'armée en Ukraine dans sa jeunesse.Avec Vladimir Zelensky, ils trouveront rapidement le chemin de la paix et de la désescalade.

  4. France and Germany sold offensive arms in billions of euro to Russia after 2014 despite the EU sanctions. Thanks to them Putin was able to modernize his army and start this aggression killing thousands of innocent civilians, including women and kids. Ukrainian soldiers reports that they are finding Thales (French company) equipment and software in Russian tanks and drones, some of it as new as Feb 2022!
    Regarding the “best equipped Ukrainian army”, just today the Ukrainian military fighting at the forefront of Donbas were saying that for one shoot of Ukrainian artillery, Russia responds with 20-50 targeted shoots. And Russia is not itself capable to develop such long-ranged artillery systems, it’s all French and German technologies. So yes, “well done” Macron for sending to Ukraine a dozen of howbitzers… And Germany keep promising to send ten tanks… in July…. Must be a joke. The only countries really helping are the UK and the US (also too little too late). Poland and Chezch too but they again don’t get replacement from the West and therefore are doing it at their own risk…
    Moreover, French firms don’t leave Russian markets, and Macron spending hours in phone talks with Putin… obviously they have very close relationships.., So please don’t post such videos praising France “help to Ukraine”, it’s an offense to all free world…

  5. People saying these countries are supporting Ukraine are kinda dumb no offense. They are just interested on their self defense. They need Kiev and Ukrainian government to remain strong enough to continuously weaken Russia. I FEAR Russia has understood that hence has changed strategy and is going after small progression of occupation. The west has lowered their guard and is not providing that much help now that the war is for east cities. Russia is leaving Kiev for latter now.

  6. Kahavat hai ki jab gidad ki maut aati hai to vah Shahar ki taraf bhagata hai to yah Western world ke liye yahi samajh lijiye ki yah Apne Ko use taraf liye ja rahe Hain Jahan se Inka system khatm ho jaega

  7. Am sorry but this or all media houses are spreading false information Ukraine with all this weapons are still on defensive that y they are given one side of the story

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