• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

This footage released by 227th Separate Battalion of the 127th Kharkiv Separate Brigade shows Ukrainain troops defending a …


27 thoughts on “POV footage shows Ukrainian soldiers defending their positions from trench”
  1. Wasting ammo like they have alot. Unless your attacking, just shooting is not going to make a difference if trying to keep their heads down. Duck, wait to see enemy for once. Let them come in.

  2. From 2014 to 2022, the Azov Battalion has massacred civilian children in eastern Ukraine. Those who wear military uniforms on the battlefield face life and death problems. Unexpectedly, a political soap opera co-starred by a Jewish clown and Americans played tricks on the Slavs, and made the Slavs kill each other and hate each other. The IQ of Ukrainians is really low. lol……..

  3. Жёсткие украинские воины, жёстко ходят по дороге и жёстко убивают деревья!)))) Вот что бывает, когда кончается выпрошенные у НАТО дроны и фантазия у авторов видео!)))) Хотя ещё есть крутые видосы, когда один хохол 10 танков, 53 бмп, 4 самолёта, 2 спутника и роту спецназа убивает, пока зубы чистит!))))

  4. This is where we hold them
    This is where we fight
    This is where they die.

    Ukrainians Lay down your weapons.
    Come and get them.

    Leave them NOTHING but take from them EVERYTHING Awoo.

  5. Wasting ammunition. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally on Ukraines side, but these guys not only need equipment, but also TRAINING. I wish my country would send a permanent attachment to train them.

  6. Everyone here means well, but you guys are all supporting the losing team. Russia is digging in for the fight against NATO now. They will never leave because it's a war on their border that they can't lose. Ukraine's pre-war population was 37 million – it's now 22 million at best and largely a non-functioning state. Time to take the red pill however distasteful it is.

  7. Да нет вашей Украины, есть обманутый народ с обеих сторон.. Славян СТРАВИЛИ и сокращают.. Как победить Русских??? Да очень просто разделяй и властвуй. Русским могут противостоять только Русские. Ребята с обеих сторон воины отважные, но только жаль что их развели.. В АД, таких как кокс Зеля.

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