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DefenceCope #RussiaUkrainWar The Russia-Ukraine war has thrown up multiple lessons for militaries across the world. In the …


27 thoughts on “Traditional artillery meets its death in Russia-Ukraine war, next gen artillery is need of hour”
  1. Watching such titles after two months and an utter collapse of Ukraine under constant shelling with traditional artillery, makes me wonder how much one should listen to "experts" on it.
    Quantity is a quality of it's own.
    Hi tech does not come for free. It comes at the cost of ability to produce them fast enough. And now the US has run out of HIMARS, while the Russians are still going on.

    Furthermore, if you believe everything that comes out of Kyiv about how effctive they are at shooting Russian missiles out, then I have a bridge to sell to you.

    P.S. – The NATO is out of weapons already, Stoltenberg just admitted to it.

  2. I can barely understand a word this guy is saying, and I'm a native English speaker, lol!! I have to put the sub-titles on and play at 0.75 speed ffs!

  3. Actually traditional artillery HAS NOT met its death in Ukraine. The Russians fire thousands of rounds every day and have achieved a lot of success. The Ukraine side also uses a lot of traditional artillery although on a smaller scale as it has to rely on artillery shell imports.

  4. I like the Print for for being an in depth news channel. S Alex with his pronunciations being so off, hi reading the takeaways from the screen, and rattling off his spiel like he needs to use the loo in a hurry. It's just poor story-telling from S Alex.

  5. This video is utter nonsense. Russian S400 air defense systems doesn't have any equals in the world. Even the patriots, iris system fail to stop the Russian missile barrages on Ukraine. This dumb bastard is nothing more than American mainstream media paid . Simply think if Russia is so useless then why America keeps on sending new weapons to Ukraine everyday.

  6. russia will fail, hopefully it will collapse and ukraine will get all it's territory back !!!, and all the former soviet block countries will be free to turn toward the EU, china and who ever else can help them bring freedom and prosperity to there citizens, since russia has nothing to offer them but poverty and meddling from moscow !!!

  7. It would be really foolish to think conventional artillery is ineffective because ammo depots are vulnerable to rocket artillery. This is actually not new, there has been long ranged heavy artillery before, railway and naval guns for example, for ages. Air forces have also been traditionally used for just such missions, even though with some risk to the crews of course.

    Long ranged rocket artillery is really handy as a technology, especially in highly contested environments such as Ukraine but they are not some kind of wunderwaffe that by itself changes the basics of warfighting.

  8. Good luck, China has 4 times the production capacity, so they make 2 times more of this, and then sufficient amounts of trucks to actually deliver the ammo to the machines… on the other hand China's demographics seem to be unfavourable. Interesting times.

  9. What ukrainian Army , those are not Ukrainian Weapons , and man manning them are not Ukrainians , the man at the front are also mostly Mercenary's and the rest are Man forced to take arms , everyone that is able is not alowed to leave the country and instead forced to take up arms . These people cant do jack shit and are not motivated , no more then Russian conscripts are . So again what Ukraian Army , that is NATO army and NATO weapons , and NATO personnel , some of whom have been captured , along with the Gear , and that Gear sent to Iran , just like in 1999 when NATO invaded Serbia , downed F117A and other Stealth planes were sent to China .
    It is NATO against Russia , and NATO is spear headed with USA Military industrial complex including energy , and VS not Putin , Putin has nothing to do wiht anything , it is Russian Military Industrial Complex including energy , and their goal is Energy , protecting their installations as is Western goal to Stop Russian Energy , and Install their own via Biden and his Hunter son using Chevron to dig for Oil and Gas in Ukraine , wanting to Supply EU with that .
    How can you imagine Russian Energy Complex letting Chevron Dig gas and oil , and supply Europe under Russian Nose …. it can not be .

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