• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

“The aggressor country, Russia, will not stop having conquered one country and if it swallows us, it will go further.” Ukrainian …


21 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery attack Russian positions in Bakhmut”
  1. These poor but brave men relentlessly fighting shelling , a few minutes did my head in , and yet they are forced by putin to be at it day week and months , Bless Them

  2. Yeah, free world, go USA, NATO, Ukraine. Agressor Russia, bad Putin. God is on our side. Maybe you should study this conflict, which has started in 2014 and you would realize Ukraine are the bad guys.

  3. God got nothing to do about what any man dose… This is NOT a Religious WAR. Ukrain is defending itself …just like anybody would do. Do all the Russian men ..pray to God ?? Who are forced into battle that they would ruther not do !

  4. So valuable to hear the heroes on the front line talk about why they're fighting and what they believe. They are the shield protecting Western Europe against the barbarians from Russia. But the wealthy nations in the EU have not done their part to send arms to Ukraine. As usual, the spoiled European brats expect the US and UK to do all the heavy lifting. France has done next to nothing. In contrast, Poland has done more than any other European country.

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