• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukraine has broken through Russia’s first line of defence in a spectacular fightback in a key occupied area. Forces yesterday …


31 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery takes out Howitzer breaking through Russia’s defence in spectacular fightback”
  1. But the Russians says they destroyed 56 Ukranian tanks and several other vehicles.I have seen videos where several Ukranian tanks being blown up by the Russians !Why not show some them.Oh no because you are one eyed and supporting president Zelinsky the most currupt man in whole Ukraine,I urge to go back to 2014 and study hiis deeds at that time and will find out what kind of digusting guy he.If you wont’t I can tell the following :in 2014 he made a coup against the legally elected president in Ukraine with help from CIA.Later that yearr after the Minsk treaty which have given the Russian minority a line of rights ,he ran from the deal after he had signed it ! If he had followed the Minsk agreement there would not have been a war in Ukraine!He treated the Russian minority as second range citicens and after the protests he began shelling them and many civillian Russians were killed.What nice guy you are supporting!Not that Putin is betterAbsolutely not but this war could have been avoided and thousands of people would not have lost their lives !

  2. Btw ..climate change is because your using your car too much …nothing to do with bombing the hell out of each other..and it’s all thanks to the good ole US of A

  3. The Ukranians are on the .The Russian have nearly taking all of the areas back that the Ukranians had taken .So many people killed for nothing.Instead peace talks have take place before more people are killed for nothing !

  4. "Fightback???" Must be a new newsie rectal spewism. What's next? Bangshoot? Powboom? Whooshbang? Trigger-pull-bang-bang? Newsie-blah-blah I say! Get thee to a nunnery, thou inept user of word-things.

  5. Winston Churchill once said “Nothing is more exhilarating than being shot at without result.” For once he was wrong. It’s a lot more exhilarating to shoot back with results.

  6. Reasons why the West is responsible for the war in Ukraine:
    1. The West helped the legitimately elected President putsch on the Maidan with at least 5 billion US dollars and by paying Georgian snipers

    2. The West covered up and is covering up the murders of the Azov fascists in Donbass 14000 dead 75% Russian-speaking people in Donbass according to OSCE. Since 2014, fascist Azov troops have been attacking the Russian-speaking Donbass

    The West and NATO
    has moved further and further to the Russian border (even to former Soviet republics) contrary to their promises

    US soldiers have been in Ukraine for several years and have no business there

    The list is not complete….

  7. Another tasty Russian BBQ on a beautiful summer day in Ukraine. If the "dictator for life" gig doesn't work out, Putin could open a chain of takeout, Russian BBQ. Free deliveries.

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