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Ukrainian forces fire U.S. M777 howitzers at Russian positions

26 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces fire U.S. M777 howitzers at Russian positions”
  1. The M 777 is not useful. But at least from western propaganda the HiMars is very effective. Ukraine has hit a lot of Russian weapons depote/storage areas. But what is perhaps more important than the rockets is american intellegence finding where the targets are. Perhaps there are aircraft flying over NATO airspace whose radars can see all the way to East Ukraine. Or US satellites are providing close to 24/7 continuous coverage.

  2. Looks like the U.S. have been able to decouple the E.U. from Russian Energy supplies and foment wars in the middle of central Europe. The Baltics, Lithuania and Latvia are now beginning to create problems for Russia and China on behalf of their Washington masters. The fourth round of U.S. imposed E.U. sanctions on the Russians, had to be walked back by the E.U. Commission to avert the total destruction of Lithuania and Latvia. The E.U. is under the influence of Washington, however not totally.

    Introduced in House (02/28/2019)
    European Energy Security and Diversification Act of 2019

    This bill directs the Department of State to prioritize assistance to develop energy infrastructure in Europe, in particular for projects involving the European Commission and governments in the region. Assistance shall include political, technical, and diplomatic support.

    Projects eligible for such assistance include infrastructure for natural gas, electricity transmission, and renewable energy. The State Department shall give preference to projects that (1) improve the capacity to transfer gas and electricity within and between European countries, (2) have been identified by the European Commission as integral for regional energy security, (3) are expected to enhance energy market integration, (4) can attract other sources of funding, and (5) can potentially use U.S. goods and services.

    The bill reauthorizes through FY2021 the Countering Russian Influence Fund and establishes that U.S. agencies may use the fund to provide assistance under the bill.

    The President shall report to Congress annually about U.S. assistance provided under the bill.

    The Russian commodities market, cannot be replaced by talking heads and empty rhetoric.

    Inexpensive fertilizer from Russia and China cannot be replaced in the volumes it has been supplied to the global market.

    U.S. meddling in the political affairs of many countries amounts to a deliberate disruption of global supply chains by the U.S.

    This is about the destabilization of billions of people on the Eurasian Continent plus the U.S. intends to perpetuate a major war in the middle of the Eurasian continent, using a bunch of disgruntled former soviet republics, who have an axe to grind with Russia. The Ukrainians have been jacked up to weaken the Russians.

    Zelenski a U.S. puppet; Send weapons and we will fight the war on behalf of the U.S. to weaken Russia. This is totally unacceptable.

    American foreign policy towards Eurasia is hostile and aggressive for more than 77 years. Russophobes are trolling the web, and taking thrash in the safety of their own continent in North America.

    Let's get this straight, the Russians defeated the NAZIS, now the Crypto-NAZIS are back with American backing. Zelenski is a crypto NAZI whos masters barks orders from Washington.

    Council on foreign relations
    Atlantic Council

    All these outfits located in the U.S. are making plans to subjugate the Eurasian Continent, while having absolutely no skin in the game.

    Read this bill:


    The very fact that the discussion happened is evidence of what is happening on the ground.

    It seams that this legislation is intended to control the economic destiny of the Eurasian supercontinent, via Washington dictates, targeting Russian energy supplies to the European Union, particularly Germany a U.S. colony.

    The vast majority of people on this continent want to practice free market economics. Uncle Scam says no. A competitive economy to rival the U.S. is not in the interests of the United States. Russia supplies commodities to the Europeans, Americans object. Simple as that.

    Germany down, American in, Russia out.

    This is U.S. policy toward Russia for the last 77 years. In not so many words this bill describes in accurate detail what has actually happened since 2019. The E.U. cannot survive without Russian energy supplies. Infrastructures cannot be built overnight. Supply chains cannot be rerouted overnight either.

    The U.S. has no authority to make rules for the E.U. or impose their directives on sovereign countries within the E.U. This will become more apparent as this situation develops. This is the Crux of the matter. The European parliament and the E.U. Commission are not an elected body by the people, therefore they not in the position to decide the fate of sovereign states and their economic relations with other non E.U. countries.

    Germany is a U.S. colony, since 1945, it is used as a staging ground to destroy the Middle East and create the European migrant crisis.

    The entire E.U. is a U.S. vassalage minus a few countries like Hungary and a few other neutral countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Turkey.

    Russia and China have not been subdued and destroyed and turned into hamburger munching societies thus far. The French are very concerned about American influence in their country.

    The situation concerning energy supplies to Europe is obviously is a major problem for billions of interdependent people on this Continent.

    This U.S. imposed House Bill directs the Russians to start looking for other markets for their hydrocarbons and commodities. That is the Russian pivot to Asia.

    This Russian pivot to Asia is a problem for the U.S. and their European colonies.

    As far as "cut and paste" is concerned.

    I am just stating the obvious the particular facts of the matter regarding what I know about the U.S. deep state, while you have not presented a single shred of anything other than engage in childish slandering of my concerns.

    The U.S. with their "Buy In" gangsterism and their U.S. led "NATO PROTECTION RACKET" imaginary friends, have some major problems ahead.

    This is because U.S. media is like that loud mouth who keeps talking thrash, until they get a punch in the face. This developing situation concerning energy will have a hot response. It is only a matter of time. American talking heads talking thrash about the economic destiny of other continents. Plundering is what this is all about. Americans plundering the Eurasian continent. I am just sick and tired of all the fighting every day. I would like to see money spent on developing sustainable energy in the form of Nuclear. We do not have any choice in the matter at this stage.

  3. Oh lookie, Nazi's shooting at cilvilians! You sure they are firing on Russian positions? Reports in Donetsk are that 155mm rounds are coming in to the city where there are no Russian troops and no combat is taking place on a daily basis by the hundreds. The residents are very clear they know it is Ukraine forces shelling them.

  4. They’ve been firing these at civilians in the Russian speaking areas since 2014 in east Ukraine with 12-16k deaths resulting. Just more of the same now nato are supplying even more heavy weapons.

  5. You guys realize that Ukraine is open firing on civilian areas, right?
    To make matters worse, these Howitzers get one use, two if they're lucky. As soon are they're fired, Russia knows where they are and they destroy them.

  6. I do think Russians and USA have an agreement.
    Their target is South-east Asia.
    Indication : if Russia did want to, with the gas…Europe would have done the job.
    Why does he stir up softly the pression, give Europe the time to "organise" itself, getting more dependant of the USA ?

  7. The Ukrainian troops are nothing but civilian murderers, very well documented by many independent journalists and sources. Anyway, those howitzers are being detected and destroyed after use which includes the scumbags using them.

  8. did anyone asked these soldiers how can they be sure if they aren't hitting civillian population?? Because the other side have footage of ukrainian CIVILIANS (not russian military) homes getting bombarded by these weapons. They even have dead civillians after the shelling.

  9. Under stating Russian army capabilities and mis-leading propaganda for its public is deceptive strategy which will face doom.

    Russian army will complete their set goals from Moscow as Moscow has the will to win in Ukrainian.

    US-NATO supplied M270 multi missile system or other heavy artillery, Very few Ukrainians are volunteering for training from its Ukrainian mechanized units.

    Ukrainian units tasked with its use., have a very short life span according a Ukraine military source. Russian army to date have been very good at killing Ukrainian heavy multi-rocket and heavy artillery units.

    US-NATO proxy war is not going as planned and Ukrainian forces loses are unsustainable, yet UK-US-NATO insist Ukraine flight on to win ?

    What is US-UK-NATO strategy ? Total destruction of Ukraine?

  10. Pathetic against Russia which has been fairly restrained up to now. All this is entirely unnecessary, but the US will continue to sacrifice Ukranians in their quest for a unipolar world risking a nuclear Armageddon that will kill us all. A diplomatic solution would not be at all difficult.

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