• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Drone footage shows Russian artillery pounding Ukrainian wheat fields

Russia is setting Ukrainian wheat fields on fire, putting a strain on the country’s grain exports. CNN’s Ivan Watson reports from a …


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  1. I am sick of hearing that Russians are targeting non military and residential areas nonsense. #BLAME UKRANIANS# are using all those civilians area and facilities as hid out to target and shoot at Russians without any regards for LIVES of those civilians in the area (Obviously) and russians have the right to defend and attack those shooting at them. If UKRANIANS NEED TO STOP HIDING BEHIND CIVILIANS AND TARGETING RUSSIANS. AGAINST

  2. Ukraine had 76 ships of wheat out since the agreement with Russia, only TWO (2) ships went to poor countries. 74 ships went to Europe and rich countries. Where is the united nation of this corruption. The deal was to feed the poor countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ukraine has become a sinkhole for mercenaries!
    Russia destroys 2 HIMARS rocket systems in Ukraine and eliminates 53 nationalists, says Russian MD.
    During the special military operation, the Russian military destroyed a launcher from the US Harpoon anti-ship missile complex in the Odessa region, said on Monday (1st) the official representative of Russian Defense, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.
    "In the area of ​​the village of Veliky Dalnik, in the Odessa region, a launcher of the American Harpoon anti-ship missile complex was destroyed," he said.
    Russian Defense reported that with high-precision missiles the Russian Armed Forces eliminated two US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launch systems on the territory of a plant in the Kharkov region.

  4. England all the time trying to hide behind the curtain of his responsibility for what happens in Europe, but with the tip of his tail showing, when he tries to leave he still steps on it.

    In the UK they confess that they have been hiding Russian advances in Ukraine.
    The Western media deliberately hides the truth about Russia's advances in Ukraine, British columnist Rod Liddle claimed in an article in the Times.
    According to Liddle, the Western media is trying to exaggerate the Ukrainian Army's combat capabilities.

  5. Russia is using grain as a hostage to blackmail the world to stop the Ukraine war. It is a waste of time to negotiate with the the Russian leadership since they will break any agreement as long as it gets what they want. Unfortunately US, NATO and EU will not be blackmailed to capitulate in Ukraine no matter how painful. To resolve this situation Russian needs to be completely defeated and driven back to their own borders. Ukraine must be accepted to NATO and EU to be the front line to defend Europe. as soon as possible. NATO should supply Ukraine fully and completely as if they are in NATO. Ukraine needs massive amounts of weapons to take offensive on multiple fronts to push the Russians back to their original border. This will take a lot of political will power but it must be done to ensure safety of future generations peaceful life. Food, energy and war is Russia's weapons of mass destruction. Putin is KGB and needs a good trouncing to get the point to never invade another country again.

  6. Total lie on the part of CNN . USA is responsible for war to sold their arms on Europe because the USA can only see Europe to purchase the arms . Europe will be the ultimate loser .

  7. I am sick of this biased mentality of Ukrainian farmers and fighters. Where was the UN and NATO when Asian hard working farmers were targeted? I bet half of you nitwits wouldn't even know about it. Like I said earlier. Bext conflict should be hosted in the US and let the dueling countries duke it out. Then west nations would actually know the pain of war.

  8. The root problem of everything is the NATO. Rejecting Russian entry in NATO in 2000 was first blunder. Secondly, poaching in Ukraine and letting it fight. Easy to point flaws. Russian and Ukrainian death countless, NATO troops death minimalistic, US death almost none. Next time if these situations arise, its better to let the dueling countries fight on US and Chinese soil. Don't worry, the world would supply arms for that. 2 big powers with bullsht mentality.

  9. Should it be stealing and reselling to Europe? The same instruction made in territories of Syria that the United States invades. Nazi deal!
    Former Ukrainian MP says Zelensky ordered confiscation of Russian gas: 'They made the decision to steal'
    Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky has instructed Naftogaz – the country's largest oil and gas company – to study the possibility of stealing Russian gas from transit pipelines, said former Ukrainian lawmaker Ilya Kiva.
    Earlier, the former speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, deputy Dmitry Razumkov, proposed to start an illegal "confiscation" of fuel supplied to the European Union by Moscow through Kiev-controlled territory.
    "Yesterday [Thursday, the 21st], Zelensky set the task for the leadership of Naftogaz to devise a plan to study possibilities and consequences of an unauthorized intervention on Russian gas pumped from Ukraine to Europe," Kiva said.
    The former parliamentarian pointed out that at the moment Ukraine's gas storage facilities have only half of what is needed for the heating period. Therefore, according to him, Zelensky would be ready to violate international obligations.
    "They made the decision to steal," said the former deputy.
    Gas supplied by Gazprom continues to transit regularly through Ukraine, according to the contract, which expires in 2024. Just over 40 million cubic meters are pumped every day through the Sudzha metering station.
    Moscow has been emphasizing that it complies and will strictly comply with its contractual obligations on the supply of gas. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gazprom is ready to send the necessary amount of gas to Europe and that there is no reason to transfer responsibility to Moscow for the energy crisis in Europe.
    "Gazprom has always fulfilled, is fulfilling and intends to fulfill all its obligations. There is no basis for our partners to change or try to transfer their own mistakes to Russia and Gazprom," Putin said last Wednesday (20).
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  10. Deal struck on Ukraine grain exports
    Russia signs Ukraine's grain export deal with Turkey and the UN

    Meanwhile Biden packs in his backpack all the responsibilities like: Whipping on the loins of Haitians and then deportation, Ukraine incitement to war to satisfy his lazy English ally, Etc Etc and Etc. Some say it's not even a backpack anymore, it's a basket. This goes back to the times of the slave philosophers and their many annunciations. – Donkey loaded with sugar until his ass is sweet!.

  11. When a farmer has to worry about being blown up by a missle for just producing food you know that they are planning something even more evil here in USA the martials just raided Amish land for the same exact thing while their making billions off sending these weapons to UK we have some sick people in charge of important decisions in our lives we need to war with our own governments in reality

  12. Dictator Pinochet

    Installed by America

    to replace democratically

    elected leader in the south american country of chile.

    "On 3 November 1970, Dr. Salvador Allende became the first democratically elected Marxist head of state

    in the history of Latin America

    —despite the opposition

    of the U.S. Government

    America's CIA sought to promote a military coup in Chile to replace Allende

    America not only grossly interfered in another

    country's internal political affairs but actively undermined the country's

    democratic process in a covert diplomatic and economic war against a modern day democracy

    The Nixon Administration also moved to isolate Allende's

    government diplomatically around the world (sounds similar to today?)

    Directive 93, signed by Kissinger on November 9, 1970, called for the United States to "maximize pressures

    on the Allende government to prevent its consolidation."

    Three weeks after the coup, the Nixon Administration authorized $24 million in commodity credits to buy wheat—credits

    that had been denied to Allende's government.

    America's installed Dictator and future war criminal,

    had ruled out "any time table for

    turning Chile back to the civilians."

    Reports of mass arrests—

    U.S. intelligence put the number

    at 13,500—

    summary executions,

    torture and

    disappearances of Chilean citizens

    appeared in the world press

    almost immediately following the american orchestrated coup.

    America's dictator Pinochet was later arrested in 1968 in London for his notorious war crimes.

  13. He didn't say anything about 'enormous loss'. He said we can't export that which we worked for. And the ports are blocked by mines the Ukrainians themselves laid to, unsurprisingly, counter any amphibious assaults. Currently there are negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey to get the grain out. If the Russians really wanted to burn those crops they could use the thermobaric munitions they have (which burst in air and thus don't leave craters). CNN is pure propaganda.

  14. russia still controls snake island and them soldiers you showed placing flag on snake island landed in boat placed flag then most were killed in rocket strike, waste of life for photo op. also wheat can't get out of ports because ukraine navy has placed sea mines in whole area.

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