• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

I think Xi is probably a little embarrassed by the timing of the visit.” Putin wants China to provide weapons but former US …


24 thoughts on “President Xi ‘embarrassed’ by Putin”
  1. Like any Good Leader or General are there with their troops, this was shown in WW2 when US General Patton was always on the Frontline, putting his life in the same danger that his troops were in. I would like to mention that Patton wanted to eliminate Stalin. Patton was far ahead of his time, he knew that Russia could not be trusted. The USA gave its word for Ukraine giving up their Nuclear Weapons in the Budapest Memorandum.
    After the 2014 Criminal Invasion of Crimea, the USA politics were in disarray. Its sad that many wars are started by Politics, but it is the average person who usually ends up in these wars and suffering the the descissions .

  2. Cuba, Greneda, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria et al – there's one name that crops up everywhere there is trouble – which name would that be I wonder?

  3. It's a shame Zelensky didn't visit East Ukraine during the time when the Asov Battalion and other neo.facists were inflicting atrocities on the ethnic Russians there. And it is unfortunate the USA abandons their war mongering and concentrates on peace within its own territory, which of course is unlikely in a country that is more scared of TikTok than it is by 'shooters' marauding in the country's schools and mowing down school children and teachers

  4. China is complicit in this war. Time for the Chinese and Russian citizens to rise up and take their countries back from these ruthless dictators.

  5. Xi will knife Putin in the back soon. China wants Manchuria back (It was China's till 1900) and has just changed their maps to show Chinese names for all the towns in Manchuria with Russian names. Xi has just met with the leaders of the Russian Federation's Asian republics without Putin involved at all. Ground work is set. Any day now, with Russia at its weakest ever, China will act.

  6. Did she do her homework before she took this interview because she has some really DUMB DUMB questions. Cheezy has been asked non original questions to be clear. It's as if she turned the channel and found out there was a war and came up with some questions.

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