• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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35 thoughts on “Putin Has Been Dealt The Heaviest Blow Of The War:Ukrainian Army Has Declared Victory In That Region”
  1. when Putin has lost everything, he will become very dangerous as he has nothing to lose and may just order a nuclear strike. hopefully those around him don't share his death wish.

  2. And yet nothing happened this propaganda is why all unsubscribe. Just talk real news. And not even with NATO helping Ukraine is Russia going to lose lol America and Russia head to head would be the end of the world. Stop with the propaganda no amount of money and military equipment is going to help. Ukraine win, the only thing would be NATO jumping in and then that’s just the end of the world. Is that what this channel is pushing for? Ukraine already lost their begging for weapons and money come on… All you’re doing is continuously getting people killed on both sides, one sides, already out of weapons and money the other sides Ramping up production developing their own and backed by China lol and less pockets and even more military get real America’s dollars about to collapse. That’s what this is all about.

  3. Question for this channel owner please state your sources and add them as a pinned comment. Your video couldn't be further from the truth so I would like to know your sources other than the US State Dept and Liberal leadnng mainstream news. I dare you. Double dare you
    And what's with the computer generated voice.
    The Duran has the correct information and this link takes you to a particular episode with Dima = one of the world's most uptodate impartial Experts in the field


  4. I have emmense happiness in Ukrains splendid victories. Remarkable. But the Russian history of war is always like this at the beginning it is a shit show of mass losses and destruction. Then they after a year change military generals and amass vast numbers of men and vehicles, as Russia is an incredibly vast area, three times the size of the United States. In the two world wars this was their doctrine and were successful. So, this spring and summer will be the real battle. Let us hope that with the skill they have demonstrated and all the new powerful military equipment, the ten to one numerical advantage of Russians can be managed and ultimately negated. My personal feeling is if you indiscriminately butcher and torture and murder Ukrainian citizens wholesale you now have unleashed the most lethal weapon on earth, a man who now has nothing to lose and is eager for Karma. Best wishes.

  5. What a load of left wing crap… ukraine is getting destroyed by Russia and they will be completely a Russian territory if they don't wake up and face reality… ukraine played nazi games and is now getting nazi prizes, which is death and destruction…. glory to Russia.

  6. Russia will pay for its crimes. The criminal Putin and his thugs will be judged. Long live Ukraine, long live the USA, long live Poland, Great Britain and all allies. EVIL WILL LOSE

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