• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russia destroyed an ammunition depot which was storing US-made Himars missiles near the central Ukrainian city of Uman.


34 thoughts on “Russia destroys US-made Himars missiles & M77 Howitzers | World News | WION”
  1. the profits the U.S. military weapons manufactures are making is obscene, their share prices are going through the roof and they are making 100's of BILLIONS !! Think about that ? And the tax payer is paying for it all. Think about that.

  2. American weapons were in Ukraine before the war FYI, Which Russia said was a provocation. So what does America mean by unprovoked? It was made clear it would be seen as provoking conflict and American did it anyway. America sacrificed thousands of Ukrainians to enrich their military industrial complex. If you can’t see that by now Ukrainian blood is on your hand

  3. Another 13 wooden HIMARS, thats a grand total of 982 Wooden HIMARS…
    Putin really falls for the wood stuff maybe we should build a massive wooden himars with a bow tie and go into moscow with it as a gift then 1000 real HIMARS drive out and destroy the kremlin

  4. "russian defense minister SAID" 🙂 P.S. Everything that is said in the Kremlin is presumed to be a lie. Starting with the name of the country, which in reality has the name "Muscovy"

  5. So Russia is claiming to have destroyed 19 of the 20 HIMARS systems U.S. sent to Ukraine? Well of course they have. I imagine too Russia claims all of their military bases, military airports, and weapons depots that continue to blow up in numbers on a daily basis are due to what, spontaneous combustion??

  6. You post this statement like its fact, thats is not objective reporting that is called "click bait" so Russia destroyed himars ammo? says who? the same people that claimed for months they wouldnt invade ukraine? Russia has made lying a religion, no one beleives or cares what they say, not even a badly edited video this time, truly pathetic.

  7. A soldier can only be a fighter

    A civilian can be anything they follow their hearts to become

    If you choose to be a soldier everything else you can possibly become is null and void

    Why choose that path

    Money seduces the best of us to become the worst we can be

    Still they enlisted

    We as a race are quintessentially acting stupid

    Stupidly kills

    Silly can do anything. But stupid I hope will not win

  8. Good things most of those billions of dollars sent to Ukraine by the United States ended up in Ukrainian politicians bank accounts along with corrupt American politician bank accounts.

  9. How much hype media was making over these western weapons as if they were invincible. Saying Russian weapons are outdated…..western weapons are good only in advertisement.

  10. If there is 1billion for arms why there is always no funding for the poor? NATO is solely responsible for Russia – Ukraine conflict!!!!

  11. For every piece of weaponry the US sent, the military-industrial complex made a considerable profit. It doesn't matter if that weaponry is destroyed by Russia.
    This is War by Proxy the American Way of sitting in Safe America making big money while People who Do Not speak English are forced to Kill Each Other with American Missals, like Science Fiction plot of Hunger Games or Robert Heinlein's Star Ship Trooper & Annihilation

  12. Regards to what is happening in Ukraine, Including the Nuclear power station under attack by Ukraine, people need to look at the chronology of how we got to where we are today in order to see a solution. At the end of WW2 soon after Russia had cleansed Ukraine of Nazi forces is the start line. Consider facts provided by worthy global experts and history books, rather than Ukraine war news Zelenskyy has propagandized….

    At the end of WW2 some American government agencies recruited Nazis out of Europe for staff. Since WW2, American government agencies have embarked on decades-long interference in other countries (including Eastern Europe) politics. They are behaving like global gangsters and colonialists which continues to this day in the name of acting in the best financial interests of America and its corporations. The foreign policy blob is out of control. This includes stealing other countries resources, like in Iraq, Libya and South America to name some of many.

    Amongst this, from what I understand, Kenedy and Khrushchev came to an agreement to end the Cuban missile crisis that being that Russia would exit Cuba, and America in the name of NATO would remove its Nukes from Italy and Turkey.

    In 2014, Russia could no longer turn a blind eye to American and NATO’s political interference in Ukraine and eastern Europe. This included genocide of Russians in Ukraine, and a growing Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine hell-bent on achieving Hitler’s dream of a world war between America and Russia. In 2022, after America, UK, NATO and UN continuing to refuse to listen to Russia’s complaints in this regard, Russia invaded Ukraine to flush out the Neo-Nazi’s, America, UK and NATO interests who had crossed the red line.

    In the mean-time, Russia has been becoming increasingly westernised anyway. Ukraine could have chosen not to fight the Russian’s instead let them roll over them with no loss of life and let Russia cleanse them of the Neo-Nazi regime, America, UK and NATO, and let Ukraine people-power prevail in the longer term and conserve their sovereignty. Instead, Ukraine remains defiant upon the ego and ambitions of their Neo-Nazi regime and Ukraine being sold an unachievable goal by America, UK, UN and NATO. The unnecessary loss of human life and infrastructure is tragic and does not benefit Ukraine. Only the global arms manufacturers will win this war.

    Its easy, all America, UK and NATO has to do is withdraw from Ukraine to stop all the killing. America has become distracted with Ukraine and lost a worthy ally in the form of Russia, and the growing global threat, Asia, is laughing all the way to world dominance!

    The American public needs to wake up and act more logically and strategically in its choice of leaders. Perhaps a change of the corrupt heads and foreign policy analysts blob on capital hill is the only way to bring positive change and remove the nuclear threat from humanity (Power stations and missiles). We also need to focus on global warming issues before this planet becomes uninhabitable.

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