• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

This footage released by the 8th Separate Mountain Assault Battalion of Ukraine reportedly shows Ukrainain troops dropping …


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian Mountain Assault Battalion drops bombs on Russian trench”
  1. Even kill me, I will never stop ~~~~~~~~~ S L A V A U K R A I N E

    even thousands of times

    Long live for Taiwan independent

    Long live for Xinjiang independent (East Turkistan Islamic Republic)

    Long live for Tibet independent

    Long live for Hongkong independent

    Long live for freedom China

  2. Western media, governments, censor the reality of what really happening. It’s easier to persuade weak minded individuals who refuse to accept truth.

  3. USA are losing and will continue to escalate until they start sending planes and troops. Western countries do not care about their own people. Their country's money must be used to try and hurt russia on behalf of the usa. They hope if they can just keep the war going it might hurt russia or some other miracle wll happen. . If 10 million ukrainians have to die over the next 10 years to keep the war going then that is the price the usa and europe are willing to pay.

  4. The Bakhmut battle is founded on existential fear for Russia. The Megalomania created by the Soviet Empire has crumbled more by the gradual decay of a life long system based on attricities and degradation of freedom. The legacy kf the died system was the subsequent Russian govdrnments has been maintaining all mechansims of pressure on the public life and freedoms. This what Putin is applying on the people of Russia. Fear is in operation for the war against Ukraine. The fear of another dying system, an overwhelmig feeling in Russia, whether supported actively or passively, is the driving force for an war of attrition.

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