• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

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29 thoughts on “Ukrainian Soldiers Caught In Close Range Firefight With Wagner Group Fighters – GoPro Helmet Cam”
  1. Excellent example of why a lot of m4's are a 3 round burst. In a surprise like this at extremely close range I have no question that most soldier would have mag dumped in two seconds. Happy the 3 round burst allowed this dude to sustain suppression till they got to at least a slightly better position.

  2. This ain't cod this shii is real, you don't get to respawn so I don't blame one guy almost shooting the shii out of his teammate, he prolly shii his pants

  3. So what NATO has been supplying arms and vehicles and all sorts of shit ammo etc. logistics in general but you’re going to see more and more things like M4 with a simple Acog or i’ve seen guys with the RIS to M4SOCOM it has a heavier barrel and a free floated 12 1/2 inch quad rail system using aim point red dots and share fire or see suppressors they look like they were most likely used in Afghanistan because of the flat dark earth almost whitish paint which does actually help with IR signature I’ve heard using the tope caller but these were some British and Ukrainian and American fighters it might’ve been the foreign Legion that hundred percent I could’ve been military contractors for all you know especially with better equipment but I would see a contractor with newer optics set ups than that but they didn’t have IR or white light on the firearms just suppressed I’ve also seen another guy with a scar multiple guys with scars some guys are just trading in their AK 100s for m4a maybe because there’s more 556 ammo available it’s lighter you can carry more than 762 who knows but they are receiving a lot of equipment some of the M fours they are receiving are still in packaging from coal from 15 years ago with that grease all over with a gun still from anticorrosion it’s because our government stockpiles firearms The optic is definitely better than AK Ironsights and you have a 4X with a BDC and a fiber optic wire that makes it battery less using the light through and tritium for lowww ligt that glows for about 10 years but it’s your one in the mail I am for it nothing special it’s not free floated but it’s reliable oh you don’t want to be dumping 400 rounds for auto through it over and over because your gas tube is going to blow and start running the barrel it’s not piston driven like HK 416‘s which run cooler
    But they can outfit them with a bunch of H and K firearms because they’re so expensive I think they charge the Marine Corps for that iAAR 416 3000 a piece and a m4 is like Pennie’s

  4. Trust me and listen to me good he is hungry he is cold he is tired to the point of exhaustion it is only through the true will of survival is he willing able and to even do this s*** !

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