• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Videos taken following Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson show destroyed tanks, trucks and radars along roads and on battlefields …


33 thoughts on “What Russia’s Destroyed Weapons in Kherson Reveal About Its New Ukraine Strategy | WSJ”
  1. The Wall Street Journal. What a load of rubbish. Its just a neo con blurb. It and the people on here are going to look awfully foolish when Russia wins and the truth comes out about how the US caused this war and sacrificed Ukrainian lives.

  2. Baffled towards why people on here keep saying Ukraine military….. No such thing … Hand full of Ukraine soldiers left …. 90% of the troops fighting for Ukraine are have no connection to Ukraine whatsoever….

  3. As a former combat planner it really doesn't matter whether vehicles (Tanks, Trucks, etc.) are eliminated via Russian actions or Ukrainian actions – both ways eliminate combat capability. But to be honest, the Ukrainian soldiers would love for Russia to continue to destroy their own equipment. It's what's called a 'Twofer'! Saves Ukrainian ammunition and manpower. So it has greater impact on the battlefield in Ukraine's favor.

  4. I do not care if half of Ukraine were Natsis, Russia has no right invading, and killing innocent, men, women and children! The Russians have killed many innocent, Chechens, Georgians and many others!

  5. Who would have ever thought 9 months into this war a successful operation for the Russian military means they were able to destroy their equipment while fleeing rather than have it captured like the last 2 battles.

  6. Nice that a country doesn't want to get there hands dirty so funds and arms others to murder each other do its dirty work yet weakening both sides just make it easier for them to impose its agenda down the road…….. Wake up people there are no winners just a lot of dead, homeless, despaired and broken people fighting a pointless war the real winners are those selling weapons and aligning their agenda……. If there were any real heros for humantity they would have taken both sides lock them in a room with mediators to work something out but that doesn't make money but the business of war does……….

  7. I was pointing this out on all the videos of "all the weapons russia left" the same garage of mortar rounds, and a lady had 3 howitzer rounds under a rug on her porch. lol thats all they got. Thank god they destroyed so much before they left though.

  8. All it shows is they grow part of their brains back. Destroying what you can't take with you is standard operating procedure. At least should be.

  9. Why are we fighting this war. Why are American tax dollars going to this joke of a country. When we Americans have to fight for our own money here. Billions of dollars going to other countries. It's like paying a Ransom.

  10. Wait a second, Russia can’t resupply but Ukrainian are resupplying from Poland and Romania. Um, I don’t think so…. I’m going to call Bravo Sierra on that!

    So Ukrainian have a empty victory over a unoccupied city and at what cost with a bunch of stray cats waving Nazis (I’m meant Ukrainian) flags in the background and they won the war. Russian – General Winter is coming fresh and full of pist and vinegar!

    Great report, thank-you!

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