• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

According to information published on November 16, 2022, on VK Russian Social Network by the Kaskad military unit, …


26 thoughts on “Discover: Pro-Russian destroys French made CAESAR 155mm howitzer Ukraine army with Lancet drone”
  1. The French defense minister says this CAESAR was too damaged for reparation. Its normal, its pretty good, 1 Caesar after near one year one deployment. Ukraine soon received the new CAESAR, an 8×8 truck with cabin STANAG 3.

  2. Why is Russia still struggling? Russia threatened to use a nuclear bomb. That was the biggest strategic mistake. Now if Russia were allowed to win his robbery war or even keep Crimea, all countries afraid of their neighbors would have to get nuclear bombs. As a result, even those countries that do not yet have nuclear bombs would acquire nuclear bombs. For safety. To prevent that, Russia must give back all stolen land. There is no other way. Putin leaves the world community no choice. Even if 100,000 or many more Russian soldiers die in this cleaning process.
    Putin knows how to create fear, he is obviously not intelligent enough for chess. He doesn't see coming countermoves. Putin has been wrong several times in this war. Thousands have already paid for Putin's fallacies with their lives. Why do the Russians think he's right this time? Why do Russians love someone who lives outside of reality and brings bad luck to every one and a big bill for Russian citizens? The russian population and Putin are the repetition of Germans and Hitler. After all, the Germans tried at least 2 murderous attacks on Hitler.

  3. That truck will be running in a week after a repair, the lancet has a very small warhead not capable of killing a truck like that, it's pathetic.

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