• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh investigates Russia’s use of prisoners to fight the war in Ukraine. #CNN #News.


17 thoughts on “Hear Russian prisoner's chilling final message to wife after fighting in Ukraine”
  1. Russia has always treated it's military very poorly , in both the world wars they were shot by their commanding officers for failing to "perform" their duties , in fact the Revolution in 1917 was a Direct result of the Army being ordered to attack the Enemy with only minimal armaments , the soldiers mutinied and the Tzar's Commanding Officers were forced to capitulate. The Russian People were told a pack of lies after this happened and it is still being fed Patriotic BS to this day. The West collectively allowed Putin to take over the Crimea without so much as a cross word in 2014 , that is when he could have been stopped , now we are on the brink of another World War but the blame for this is not entirely Putin's .

  2. I heard a YouTube commentary man said that Putin is showing signs as preparing for a long war. He said Putin basically is putting total authority on his on his people and said we will not tolerate resistance. How can the police that live in the same neighborhoods beat ir put down own people knowing what putin is?
    I would think they are living in fear like the rest if the nation but I think if they could get organized with people and different regions of Russia then it could grow and put down Purin. I don't see how he could win a uprising because of the size of Russia. Let's hope.

  3. Where are the last chilling messages of the ukranian cattle with no proper training thrown into the russian meat grinder? They are fighting a lost cause, but they are forced into battler, just another propaganda video.
    The US army is suffering from men shortage, the british dont have an army and france would have a civil war if war breaks out.
    Russia treats their soldiers much better with proper training and Ukraine throws young and old men with 3 days training into certain death

  4. I’m ctfu at all of you who feel bad for any of these dying Russians. Do you feel bad for the Ukrainian civilians they’ve been cruise missile striking? Claiming there is Ukrainian troops there that aren’t?

    Russia is the new 1920’s-1940’s Germany

  5. i imagine this troop had been tortured before the message? didnt someone else do this with the prisoners to spread false information on the battlefield? of course we would never hear the russian story, the liberal media agenda dont cover anything that gets the people started lol they might plead the fifth after all, theyre gonna do a big media cover up now cause of biden and trudeu, propaganda isnt supposed to make the populace question the capabilities of people in power lol thats how revolutions start, i mean they did it with the war on terrorism and then we found out ten years later troops only went there for big pharma to protect the morphine fields they need cause gun violence has gone up and everybody need surgery lol now the bush family cant run for presidency lol

  6. Nothing has changed, in the Russian military, since WW2. Throw warm bodies at enemy fire. Replace as needed. In a dictatorship, they can do ANYTHING to you. So the warm bodies, endlessly, keep coming..

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