• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

RUSSIAN forces destroy Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles with a shower of missiles. In this footage released by the …


37 thoughts on “Russian forces destroy Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles”
  1. Their is a bunch of us, Ex US soldiers on the Russian side, we fight for 4 months and head home for a month or two. They are paying us very well. Devil dogs for life

  2. "Killing Under The Cloak of War Is No Different Than Murder" – Albert Einstein
    so no heroes, no good one – both side are MURDER !
    so you support one side ? you support murder !
    sleep well… accomplice in murder

  3. The war in Ukraine is tragic. Nobody wants to fight it. You can hate the Russian soldiers and people all you want but just know this. They were all forced into this war and didn't even want to fight the only reason they do is that they will get punished severely if they don't same goes for Ukraine. There are heroes on both sides. We should all blame Putin not Russia in general

  4. feel sorry for the Ukraine. Caught in a war being waged mostly by America and her stupid allies. Proxy war, yet another one. forget Biden, he is not your hero

  5. This war has no end until Ukraine and Russia reach a settlement, but it seems no one wants a peace agreement….too many egos involved that want to save face.

    Ukraine wants to liberate all the recently captured regions of its territory, okay, then accept more pain on both sides, for a very very long time, or, just allow those regions to remain as they are and end this madness.

  6. I ordered to mobilize Brazil to send its troops to Ukraine to join the war to help Russia win if it successfully annexes the entire territory of Ukraine, Russia will repay the favor by sending its new army to help Brazil invade argentinia I think Argentina is an inseparable territory and has a long history and culture for Brazil, the Brazilians will fight the Russians to the last Ukrainians, any small country adjacent to Russia does not share mineral resources. and pro-Western, Russia will not let that country rest in peace, I'm a Russian
    if ukraine does not have abundant resources then there is no reason for russia to start a war on ukraine territory
    forecast that Russia's resource output will be exhausted in a hundred more Russia has to speed up its invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine's resources are the life-determining thing for Russia, Russia will maintain its position as a major energy exporter. for the whole world in the next few decades

  7. It’s stupid to think that Ukrainian soldiers don’t give their life in this fight for freedom. They still learn, thanks to partners from US and EU they are getting better and better.
    One day NATO will be glad for million army of Ukrainian soldiers.

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