• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

In the east of Ukraine fighting continues to rage over the city of Bakhmut. It’s the longest-running battle since the Russian invasion.


35 thoughts on “Ukraine frontline fighting: the Battle for Bakhmut – BBC News”
  1. Ukrain will fall , the men in this flick may well already be dead . its time for talks but the biden admin want escalation at risk of a holocaust . The best place for a cruise missile right now is the white house .

  2. Twenty years of killing what Russians you fool, if not because Russia there would have been no Ukraine, now you killing yourself for US and NATO who don't give a damn about you., Over 120 thousand Ukrainian soldiers are already dead according to statistics and you here boosting of killing Russia soldiers

  3. Its not just strategic value. Its the fact that after Bakhmut there is Luhansk and Donetsk. Which Russia certainly do not wanna lose.

    Same for Kherson and Zaporizhizhia. Since losing both means that Crimea is the next prime target.

  4. Russia is gonna win this war. Negotiate and save Ukraine. Don’t listen to liars and warhawks from US and Britain. Have you forgotten already what they did to Iraq? All based on an outright lie? 2 million died from those lies.

  5. Even msm is beginning to distance itself from the conflict as it’s becoming clear that the ukes are all dead and them winning isn’t an option. Makes you wonder what Zelenskys intentions ever really were. Hopefully we cut him off and charge him as the grifter he is.

  6. you will burn in false information.. people who work against the interests of their own country have come to power in western countries, you are closing down natural food farms, you are opening meat from insects, as Mr. Schwab says, you will have nothing and you will be happy… there is only one god and he will give judgment day Satan

  7. Ok…. I'm confused…. pretty new to watching this….. So Russia is fighting Ukraine right?? Only Ukraine… And they are getting their a*s kicked, (Understatement) On a biblical scale.. and they are portraying on Russia media that they are fighting NATO and winning, (Which i would watch as a comedy)… But they have yet to engage a single NATO Soldier..(Only volunteers). But generally Only Ukrainian Soldiers… Who deserve to be in NATO as them dudes and Gals are feckin awesome… And fighting like Spartans..Lets be honest, What balls does it take to take on the second most powerful force portrayed in the world prior to battle, (I know they were forced) these folk went in to the death and deserve every respect….. and have came out victorious thus far….. (Why they are not in NATO is feckin beyond me!!!) I would be honored to fight with them. But I would be below them in every case… China is another matter.. But its Nutz to think we are were we are after the whole Covid Sh*t… Did I think we were considering being nuked in 2023… Nope. Did you!!!… Wow… ..I know the channel owner does not read the comments, but its an honest question to the subscribers! As I'm very confused!! Is the Russian society that stupid to follow such a stupid narrative? and not do any outside research? I have a hard time believing people can be that stupid!!…. lol absolutely crazy how things have played out!!! I don't drink or smoke, But I have a Bottle of Vodka and a cigar for the Day Putin (Scumbag) Meets his maker.. Looking forward to that day. :slight_smile: What ennoyes me most, is I understand this is not the perception of the Russian population… But the general fear of the USSR mentality. I watch a few Russian channels and know that not all Russian's support this. (Very Few). We are fighting Putin,…. Not the people of Russia. Love and war aye!!! Lets see were this goes… Maybe see in you all in 2024. :slight_smile: Unless we have D*ckheads ruling our Countries. Love you all from N.Ireland and wish you peace.

  8. God bless you all, all of the Ukrainian soldiers fighting this senseless war, I bind you all in the Earth and in Heaven in Jesus Christ name Amen from Ms Diana LaFleur Oakland CA USA ❤

  9. Its crucial to cut the back logistic Russian support on the back from the first battle line fight.
    There is only two ways areal support that the Ukrainians don't have, or special operations infiltrate commandos at night inside the Russians lines, and this with the training of the NATO countries can be do it, because the Russians are only prepared for conventional fights and during the day light, so the Ukrainians must change the modus operandi combats on the field, choosing the night and with special operations commandos troops infiltrated the inimie line during the night and in the day light is only to advance and maintain positions with conventional troops and vehicles, with this they can win an average of 10km a week minimum, a procedure well consolidated and with the assurance of the logistic lines support of the new Ukrainian front line for maintain the position.

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