• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukraine war: Putin pays first visit to Russian-occupied Mariupol

Ukraine’s government said the visit was that of a ‘murderer returning to a crime scene’. Instead of being filmed amid Mariupol’s …


26 thoughts on “Ukraine war: Putin pays first visit to Russian-occupied Mariupol”
  1. if the people of mariupol dont want be ruled by ukranians, i mean those in power after the american british coup in 2014, then the title better be:
    Ukraine war: Putin pays first visit to Russian liberated Mariupol.
    anyway there is one way to finish the war:
    let be a referendum and let's see if mariupol citizen want be with biden or putin.

  2. One of many russian fakes and lies.
    Putin never was in Mariupol. This is a different place. Not Mariupol.
    The "ordinary people" thanking him for their new houses, are disguised KGB agents. Same faces all over again, different situation.
    In some clips from the childrens playground you can hear a woman shouting in the background "It´s a lie! It´s all staged!" in russian.
    She is probably in jail by now.

  3. Okay so he has a warrant for his arrest? How come you do not go to his country to his house and arrest him? You have no trouble coming to our doors in America to arrest us so why not you do the same to him?

  4. This is a movie set! the War Criminal is in his Bunker in moscow. Look at the extra's moving into a new flat as if nothing has happened. The whole city has been destroyed. The opera house where hundreds were murdered and this imposter is pretending to inspect "new" buildings. The War Criminal is still in his bunker and one of his DOUBLES is acting on a movie set in mos-cow. Please when will a missile drop on the kremlin.

  5. “Internationalists”, like their “man” running the Ukraine, have convinced the goys in NATO and the West to fight this war (after years of war-crimes in the ethnic Russian independent areas of the Ukraine).
    No one speaks of these murders and destruction of infrastructure and people’s homes in the West.
    We’ve been lied to, again, by the same rats.

  6. Lol even Putin himself knows this is shady af, he doesn't even look people in the eye. And the way he leaves that theatre after trying out the new seats for like 2 seconds.. what an absurd video.

    Also; how can that be Mariupol? The buildings are standing straight in the video.

  7. If Russia wants to avoid defeat in Ukraine and win the war in Ukraine, Russia will have to attack Britain, otherwise Russia's defeat in Ukraine is certain.The threats of the Russian President and the Russian Chief of Army and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense are mocked and ridiculed by the United States and the United Kingdom.Because once the United Kingdom and the United States together defeated Russia in Afghanistan, fourteen states were liberated from Russia, and once again the United States, the United Kingdom, NATO, Europe, and the United Kingdom and the United States.Allies and slave countries are once again following and working on the plan to divide Russia by defeating Russia.And if Russia is defeated in Ukraine this time, Russia will continue to be a slave of America.By attacking a part of its own country, Ukraine, Russia has weakened itself, Russia It would have been better if Russia had threatened Britain and America if they did not stop meddling in Russia and Ukraine.So, Russia should have attacked Britain directly, if Russian soldiers were dying, then it would have been better if it would have fought a war with Britain and tried its claws not against Ukraine.There is still time for the Russian president to attack Britain so that would have succeeded in dissuading Britain from interfering in Russia.

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