• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian anti-aircraft system worth 15 million U.S. dollars. The images reportedly show …


31 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian anti-aircraft system”
  1. Lol these are some big Ukrainian victories we are seeing. Russia takes a city…Ukraine bombs a tank. Russia takes a territory…Ukraine blows up a tank…

  2. Russia has lost the war. Wars are for WARRIORS who fight for family, their land and homes and freedom. Not murders and thieves who bomb homes and hospitals and steel televisions and cell phones.

  3. Russia has foregone its right to be regarded as a civilised country. Death to it, its institutions, its soldiers and its citizenry, just as regards its right to inflict these actions on other countries.

  4. At least Ukraine army could hit Russian tanks once in a while while pushing backwards.
    This war was avoidable if Ukraine have chosen far-sighted leaders. Sorry to see Ukraine ended up loosing more than they could possibly imagine. Wish for peace agreement for everyone.

  5. Not one inch of Russian soil has been taken by the Ukraine, but the whole eastern Ukraine has been taken by the heroic Russia.
    Stop NATO expansion then Ukraine can avoid further destruction.

  6. Ukraine must at all time kick out madman russian putin cause they coming to attack innocent Ukraine people Ukraine are strong smart brave soldiers fighting with Russians defending their peace loving motherland Be strong to fight madman putin

  7. Los buenos somos mas ayunen ucrania doblen rrodillas po oras y Dios ba escuchar nuetra oracion soy de Ecuadot ea con ustedes pidiendole a mi padre todo poderoso que escuche nuestra oracion amen

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