• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukrainian artillery fires on Russian tanks outside Kyiv

The Ukrainian military said their artillery fired on a convoy of Russian tanks outside Borodyanka, just north of Kyiv.


21 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery fires on Russian tanks outside Kyiv”
  1. 10 years ago Google mapped all the roads in the Ukraine just like what they did in America. This means the Ukrainian roads have GPS location coordinates and with drones spotting the russian tanks/vehicals the Ukrainian artillery units can quickly hone in and drop high explosive roads accuartely on the enemy.

  2. I don't believe that was done with artillery. That was rocket or missile attacks on those tanks. Artillery is a proximity thing, those were all direct hits.

  3. I do hope that adolph putin realizes what a big mistake he made in invading Ukraine.He now know s they may have skimmed a little to much off their military budget for all the yachts and mansions they have in the west!they are such mindless hypocrites!

  4. Russia has a lot of natural resources. They could get very rich just from selling gas and oil alone, but they chose war instead. Russia will soon fall behind a third world country.

  5. In January, it was thought that Russia had the second-best army in the world. In March, the current assessment is that Russia has the second-best army in Ukraine.

  6. what ridiculous military strategy to leave tanks like that on the open and not moving. Basically a sitting duck. These commanders are a joke and looks like they are sending people into their death. I've seen so many US tank operations in Iraq and Afganistan to see how they moved tanks fast and protect them when standing still and place enough distance in between and also only move them in positions of advantage and actually use them to shoot and destroy things all the time.

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