• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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19 thoughts on “Ukrainian fighters enter Russian trench in Bakhmut- "They left corpses in trench and fled"”
  1. What areas are being taken over by Ukrainians? Also if that's true why are things getting worse in buchmut? I'm Ukrainian who wants to understand the reality of the situation

  2. Only one outcome will protect future generations from Russian paranoia: expulsion of Russia from all Ukraine and measures to ensure there is no repetition by strengthening NATO and its membership. Russia is already the country with the largest contiguous landmass. Their history is one of constant menace to neighbouring nations. It has to stop. We can hope that in the future the Russian people will enjoy freedom of information and be able to form their own views on who is the aggressor and who the victim.

  3. surely by now all the mothers are tired of their sons’ names
    in the sour mouths of men
    who find it easy to use the word
    as if it were a holy thing
    the bone of it splintering, the seeping of it
    the red of it darkening the skin of the earth
    the noise of the scream, the
    as if it could ever sound the same as new breath, as
    a hand closing around a finger, the way that mothers say, look!
    look at the train, the plane, the automobile
    all the places you will go to, some day
    all the dreams that i have sewed into the hem of your coat
    the way my hips will never be the same shape
    after you left my body
    and now
    now, they have come to give me this word
    there is nothing i can do with this word
    it does not sound like your name
    at all
    and all the men with sour mouths say,
    © Liezel Graham 2022

  4. I used to think there would be a lot of coffin maker jobs opening up in Russia….now I know that business has died. Maybe chemist/ poison maker is the hot job now.

  5. Thank you all! "If you want peace, get ready for war!" It's just a shock! Glory to Ukraine's partners for their help – USA, England, Germany, France, Israel, Norway, Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Japan, Lithuania, Canada, Greece,New Zealand, Suomi ,Chile,Estonia,Australia and other countries!! !!Glory to Ukraine !Слава Україні !

  6. воины ЗСУ "терпели" Законы и Конституцию Украины,но после расстрела военно-пленного ,за слова "Слава Украіні!" єто будет РФ жопа. Не простим! Женевская конвенция????????Ага…..

  7. Stay strong and safe, brave heroes of the free world. Ukraine will win and will always be free. Ukraine is the nation of heroes. Slava Ukraini. Heroyam Slava. Slava Azov Brigade

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