• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The US Army has asked that artillery shell production triple over the next two years. It comes as Nato’s chief says the West is now …


22 thoughts on “Inside an ammo factory racing to replenish dwindling US & Nato stocks”
  1. You know if everybody stops producing these things the war would end, just saying once there's no more rocks to throw we can go back to hand-to-hand combat and then really see who wants to fight. Mankind is its own greatest enemy. When will we stop dividing ourselves by race and look at ourselves as the human race?

  2. Just a couple of former Soviet Union bloc countries engaged in a war that neither can afford. How Putin has taken two to the back of the head by now is a mystery.

  3. Imagine that this thing is profiting like a motherfuker who is it's making that money to US Government they've all invested into this company Republicans and Democrats alike have stock in this interesting

  4. maybe rather than paying for the war to go on, they should stop sending stuff used to kill people and work out an agreement in good faith, and not like the Minsk accords that they never intended to keep. Why? Because it's not a football game where you root for your home team. This is a horrific and wicked war, where men and some women are dragged out of their homes to be cannon fodder.

  5. Gee, who told the EuroSnobs six years ago to build up their militaries? And to not trust Russia or become dependent on Putin’s energy supplies? Trump did!
    Now we’re desperately trying to play catch-up in a war in Europe started by Russia.

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